Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Finally Updating!

Sorry it's been so long! Life has been anything but simple lately. I've been so busy with school and teaching....not to mention my job at Lowe's Foods....that I'm going insane. I spent this last weekend with my family and we celebrated Thanksgiving a little early. I also took them Geocaching for the first time. I've attached a picture of me at the cache site.

I'll try to keep this updated much better....

Monday, August 01, 2005

Home Again...

Hello Everyone!!

Well, I made it home safe and sound from Iceland. Let me tell you, this country is really amazingly beautiful!! If you ever have a chance to go, DO IT!! The weather was spectacular and we also did a lot of sightseeing. The picture above was taken in Southwestern Iceland where the Mid-Ocean Ridge makes its presence known on land. For my non-geology friends, the mid-ocean ridge runs down the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. This is an area where the two continental plates are moving apart due to volcanic activity on that ridge...it is, essentially, the spreading point between the two plates. Anyway, it is only in Iceland that this ridge makes its presence known on land rather than under water. It was really fabulous to stand there! We did so many other things along with collecting our fossils. Also, a little tidbit of information...during the summer it never gets dark. I took pictures of the church in front of our hotel room at midnight and you'd swear it was about 8pm in the picture. During the winter they only have 3 hours of sunlight and the rest of the time it's dark...interesting, huh? It was hard to sleep with it always being light.

I started my new job today and I think it will be just fine. I have a lot of hours this week so that's good...it will help me catch up with what I spent in Iceland...haha. Everything was so expensive!! $2.50 to mail a postcard....$4.00 for a cup of coffee....$20 for a spaghetti dinner....$50.00 for an Iceland t-shirt (I didn't buy one...who can afford that for a plain old black t-shirt?)

Will close for now...trying to get my house cleaned up. It's amazing how much mess can collect when you don't clean every day and you have a 20 year old boy home alone...haha.

Big Hugs to All!!!
Paleogirl René

Friday, July 22, 2005

Life has been good to me...

Another view of Iceland. I think the pictures are so pretty!! I'm not sure exactly where my research will be taking place but I'm sure it's going to be as beautiful as can be. My poor camera will go insane with all the pictures I'll be taking!! I leave tomorrow at 1:50 from Wilmington and I'm so excited I'm jumping up and down in my seat. I'm almost completely packed. Only thing I still have to get together is a few things in my backpack. I've decided not to take Harry Potter along with me...the book is heavy and takes up a lot of room in my backpack. So, I'm taking a trashy novel instead!

Good news with Lowes...they offered me a job and the pay is substantially higher than at Target so I'm going to take it. I'll start as soon as I get back.

I'm hoping to keep this blog going while I'm gone...keep your fingers crossed that I'll get internet access somewhere! Here are two of the places I'll be staying....



Off to do some last minute stuff,

Paleogirl Rene

Thursday, July 21, 2005

A day and a wake up....

And then I'm on my way to Iceland....OH YEA!! Last night it finally hit me that I am going to ICELAND and I have to tell you that I just got estatic! I do believe Richard thought I was half out of my mind...but we already knew that anyway...haha. I started packing today, finally (as Casey would say) and have gotten almost everything done. All that's left is my toiletries bag. The flight is a long one so I'm taking my Harry Potter book with me and I filled up my MP3 player with music. By the way, isn't the picture beautiful? That is Iceland...stole it from the official website...yep, yep.

I went out to Mayfaire yesterday and saw "Wedding Crashers". It was pretty good but I didn't laugh the way I thought I would. Don't you hate it when they put all the funny parts in the previews?

Got a new job at Target. I'll actually start once I get home. I've also been asked to come to Lowes Foods for an interview tomorrow. Who knows, maybe they'll pay better than Target.

I want to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to Casey!! This morning she took the biology CLEP exam and passed...she, too, is now a Geologist....YAY YOU!!! About time you caught up with me girly...haha.

More tomorrow,
Paleogirl Rene

Monday, July 18, 2005

Johnny Depp....rOwr BABY!!!

Johnny Depp is perfect in the role of Willy Wonka...I bet he tastes just like candy! Lawdy, lawdy!! The movie was a definite departure from the original but was done well. It's not my favorite role for JD however.

This week is shaping up to be very busy. I have got to get packed sometime for Iceland! I leave on Saturday and am REALLY getting excited!! I don't usually pack until the last minute but I want to make sure I get everything. I keep worrying that I'll forget my passport or plane tickets...haha. I'm not sure if I'll be able to post to my blog while I'm there as the hotels don't mention that they have wireless access but I'm taking my computer just in case.

I also have a lot of studying to do for my exam that is coming up at the beginning of August (to see if I'm competent enough in geology to teach in the fall). And, let's not forget that I've got a whole Harry Potter book to read...YAY!!

Off to scrapbook for a bit...
Paleogirl Rene

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Hogwart's Bound!!

I'm catching the train at platform 9 3/4 and I'm on my way! I've got my magic wand and my glasses all ready for the trip...now to just find those wizard robes of mine...Richard says I am such a nerd...haha!

Got my new book last night...I was number 45 in line (actually I was 20 but they gave 25 tickets to the local radio stations and they gave them out as prizes...don't EVEN get me started on how I feel about that!!) My book receipt, which I will DEFINITELY scrapbook along with my wristband and magic wand, shows a sale time of 12:07am...YAY ME!!

Must go....I hear Hagrid calling my name....

The HP Nerd AKA Paleogirl René

Friday, July 15, 2005

It's Almost Here!! It's Almost Here!!!!

How excited am I, you ask? More excited than a witch with a brand new broom (my old one is getting kinda ratty!) Today is the day that I've been waiting for for 2 years...count 'em....1.....2 years!! Tonight at midnight the new Harry Potter book goes on sale and I'm going to be standing in line to get my copy. Yep, yep, I know, why is an adult waiting in the middle of the night with a bunch of snotty-nosed kids for a "childrens" book? Well, you see, I find that these books are just so very enjoyable to read. They're like me...fun, adventuresome, witty and they make me laugh!! I am also particulary fond of them because more than once I have been called a "witch", therefore, I conclude that Harry, Ron, Herminone (my favorite character) and I definitely have something in common! I'm also looking foward to making my own magic wand tonight. I am taking my camera so that I can get pictures of the whole event...including my own take on turning the muggle children that will be inhabiting the store and trying to get in my way into frogs...or toads...or leeches...or something equally gross and gag-inducing......

Beware my little pretties........

Thursday, July 14, 2005

I see you! Posted by Picasa

What day is it?

The most difficult part of not working is trying to remember what day it is. I was sitting here today in my office and scrapbooking and I had a really difficult time trying to figure out what day it was. Once I get back into school that will all change but for now it's quite a dilemma!

I've been spending my time looking at scrapbooking websites and trying to gain some inspiration from others. Once I get started on pages of my own I can usually keep up a pretty good pace, usually knocking out at least 2-3 two page layouts. I am now almost caught up again with my New Orleans pictures and will have to print out my field camp pictures soon. They will be scrapbooked in an album of their own as I feel it was a life-changing experience and it worthy of it's own book.

At tomorrow's crop at Michael's I'm going to take my UNC-Wilmington stuff and see if I can get some of it scrapbooked in the 5 hours. I also have so many ideas for my Book of Me that I want to get done also.

Off to look at some more ideas....
Paleogirl Rene

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I am terribly busy and important....

Things have been very interesting since returning home from field camp. The best part has been having some time to spend with my friends. I've also had the opportunity to scrapbook some layouts and have acually submitted them to Creating Keepsakes Magazine. Don't get me wrong, I don't expect to get published BUT if I never try then it certainly won't ever happen. I am really looking forward to Friday though...for two reasons...

1. I get to go to a crop at Michael's with my friends....
2. I'm going to Barnes & Noble for the Harry Potter Party!!

Yes, I admit it, I am a Harry Potter fan. I don't dress up like him or anything but I do love the books. Today I found this little test online...what Harry Potter character are you:

[i'm ernie macmillan]
...and which lesser Harry Potter character are you?

Mine said: Congrats! You're Hufflepuff fourth-year Ernie Macmillan! **UM...who is he?**
Maybe you don't mean to gossip. Maybe you do. Either way, it's been known to happen with you around. You're so fiercely loyal to your friends that you'll talk about anyone who stands against them, regardless of who they are. But you seem to realize this - that's why you always make a point of apologizing when you're wrong. (Your moment of glory came in Chamber of Secrets when you accused Harry Potter of being Slytherin's heir, then relented when Hermione Granger was attacked.)

Will close for now as I have some important things to do....once I think of what they are....

Paleogirl Rene

Monday, July 11, 2005

Welcome Home at Starbucks!!

Posted by Picasa

The whole gang was there! Deborah, Sandee, Rhonda, Miranda, Carol and myself. Had a great time and think we should do this more often...like once a month!! Also made plans to go to the crop on friday night at Michael's. Can't wait!!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Hello Everyone!!! Well, the geologist has returned home from her grueling 6 week ordeal in the wilds of Wyoming and I can't WAIT to see you all!!! Deborah (her gracious self) has set it up for us to have coffee at STARBUCKS at MAYFAIR TOWNE CENTER on SUNDAY, July10th at about 7:00pm. I would so, SO love to see you there!! Thanks for all the cheers and support while I was gone. See you soon!!

Paleogirl Rene

Monday, July 04, 2005

Home Sweet Home...

Hello Everyone!!

I made it home safe and sound last night. The airlines lost our luggage but thankfully returned it to us today. It was a long flight home; the time just seemed to creep by as we waited for the next flight (3 in all). But, we are both safely home now. It was wonderful to crash in my own bed last night and wear clothes today that don't smell like Wyoming! Showering alone was pretty darn exciting too!! I've had about 4 cups of coffee today so I'm pretty happy.

Will close for now and go sit on the couch and mindlessly watch television for awhile. Tomorrow is a full day for me...off to get my hair cut....grocery store....manicure/pedicure (a treat for myself)....to the Nook to see about my work schedule...."War of the Worlds" in the afternoon....and then who knows?!?! But I can assure you it's something better than being in Wyoming....

The ever-so-happy Paleogirl Rene

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Safe in Omaha!

Hi All,

Well, it's the last leg of our journey and we have made it safe and sound to the hotel in Omaha. We're going to try to get a bit of sleep as we only had about 3 hours last night (campground next to the freeway coupled with everyone wanting to get up at 4am to get home). I think we're going to try to head to the Omaha Zoo today and then into the old Marketplace tonight for dinner. We'll be staying away from the Czech place, that's for sure! We also have to repack our suitcases as it's just a big mess right now.

Our flight arrives in Wilmington tomorrow night at 10:40pm and I know both Casey and I are really looking forward to being home. It's been a long 6 weeks indeed!

Will close for now, watch a couple of minutes of tv (we didn't have tv in camp) and sleep for a couple of hours. Can't wait to see you all soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paleogirl Rene

Thursday, June 30, 2005

The time has come!!

Hello Everyone!!

Wanted to let you know we made it back from Yellowstone and the Grand Teton Mountains. They were absolutely breathtaking!! This was probably my favorite two days. And guess what?!?! I saw a moose, a grizzley bear and bison!! I took tons of pictures but my computer is already loaded back into it's case as we leave here at 8:00am tomorrow and about 95% of my stuff is packed. I guess we find out our grades tonight or in the morning also. Since we arrived back at camp we have been working on camp cleanup and will have our final tonight after dinner. We also have a camp party tonight.

Will close for now as I'm really tired and still have a few things to do before I go. I'll update again in 2 days (Saturday) from the hotel in Omaha. I'll be home on Sunday night around 10:40 or so. I'm hoping we can get together sometime soon so I can show you all the pictures and tell you all about camp!!

Big hugs...until Saturday....
Paleogirl Rene

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Start Packin' Your Bags!!

Coming Home!! Posted by Hello

Dr. Kvale, one of our professors and the leader of this camp, informed us that we needed to start packing for home today as we'll have very little time on thursday when we return. This, my friends and family, is definitely the beginning of the end! This is the last week and on friday my butt will be in a van on its way back to Omaha, Nebraska to catch my plane on sunday. I am estatic!! My clothes cupboard is almost bare, except for a few shirts and underthings that I'll be using on the way home. I am so ready!!

This will be my last post for a couple of days as we'll be in Yellowstone, etc. as mentioned in the blog yesterday. I should have time to say hi again on thursday before taking off and then I'll let you know we arrived in Omaha safe and sound.

Have a great week...I know I am going to!!

Until thursday.....
Paleogirl Rene

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Stress Ball Bob is clean again!

YAY! Clean laundry!! Posted by Hello

It was great to get into town and do laundry. What was even better was realizing this was the LAST time I'd have to go in there to do laundry!! Yep, that's right folks, the final countdown has begun in earnest towards getting home. Now it's not just days we're counting but events. For example...only 6 more days until I'm done....only one more night of kitchen duty....only one more project to complete...you get the picture, I'm sure.

Today in the field wasn't so bad. We did a lot of climbing in and out of the van and looking at different things. The stress fracture in my right foot was acting up a bit but I managed to get most things done. Our final project will be done on Monday.

Tomorrow is a day off and I'm looking forward to it. I think I will once again try to take it easy. On Monday night we head into Cody to spend the night and will be camping there. Then tuesday and wednesday take us to Yellowstone and also the Grand Teton Mountains where we will also camp (don't forget I won't be able to post to my blog these days). Thursday is back to camp, camp cleanup, take our final, get our grade and pack our stuff. Friday, glorious friday, we leave for home. I won't actually get into town until Sunday night around 10:40pm or so. It will be great to be home for the 4th.

Will close for now and go see if I can get some CD's I wanted to copy from some of the folks here. I'll post a bit more tomorrow...

Paleogirl Rene

Friday, June 24, 2005

The Reservoir Dogs...

My prospect team... Posted by Hello

This was for the oil and gas project that we did last week. On the left is Laura and on the right is Hillary. For our project we had to come up with a team name and also a prospectus name. Our prospectus name was "C'mon, throw in a buck!"...a line from the movie Reservoir Dogs. We used this picture as the first slide in our presentation. The instructors couldn't stop laughing...they thought it was perfect. They say I don't look mean enough though...teehee.

Today was a short day in the field, only until 12:00. Then we came back and worked on our hydrology project that was due at 5:00. It, too, was a full prospectus telling the land owner where to drill for water. I'm hoping my team did a good job on our group part, and I'd like to think I did a good job on the individual part, but one never knows until the grades are handed out.

Tonight I'm off to go do laundry...I know you must all be just as estatic as I am over this! Actually, tonight is the LAST NIGHT I will ever do laundry in a Basin, Wyoming laundromat....YAY YAY YAY!! (I'm trying to curtail my excitement, can't you tell?)

It's funny, I dropped over to the website for the field camp and was looking at it. You think to yourself "Only 7 more days" but it's when you actually see it on a calendar and you look at all you have accomplished in the past 5 weeks that you think "WOW, I really am almost done".

Will close for now...almost time for kitchen crew. The extra responsibility of that has also helped make this week pass quickly.

I'll update again tomorrow...Sleep well my friends,
Paleogirl Rene

Thursday, June 23, 2005

8 DAYS BABY!!!! OH YEA!!!!

Me at Shell Falls Posted by Hello

This photo was taken yesterday at Shell Falls and I think it came out really good. Today we went back into the field but in a different area. The scenery was beautiful. We were up in a canyon with mountain all around us. Absolutely breathtaking! I forgot to take my camera this morning but we're going tomorrow and I'll make sure to have it. We started our final project this morning...finding an appropriate place to drill a water well. We'll learn more of what we're supposed to be doing tonight during lecture.

Deborah, I received your card today and it's so PERFECT!! I keep telling everyone about my friends back home and how you are all rooting for me to finish this course. Now I'll be able to show them exactly who I'm talking about! Thank you so much for the kind message, it really did make my day more wonderful. We will all have to go to Starbucks for sure when I get back...and I kind of like being a legend...haha.

Will close for now and put my feet up for a few minutes before shower time and kitchen duty. We've got a storm blowing in and the temperature in our room is finally below the boiling point!

Be good if you can...and if you can't, have fun doing it!
Paleogirl Rene

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

At Shell Falls with Stress Ball Bob... Posted by Hello

Adventures of Stress Ball Bob

Ready to hit the road...in the drivers seat with Stress Ball Bob Posted by Hello

Today we headed out to go downsection in the rocks. We did some climbing and then we stopped at Shell Falls for lunch. In addition to lunch we also did some looking at rocks (like we haven't seen enough, right?). Anyway, then the REAL adventure began. One of the three vans began to back out of the falls area when they suddenly crashed into the fence behind them. Come to find out the starter caused the engine to shut off and when that happened there were no brakes or steering! Thank GOD it happened in the parking lot. We were about to start heading back down the mountain. It reminds me of the way down from Boone to Lenoir if you know that area. If the van had shut off then, that van would not have been able to stop and it had 11 people in it. It would have probably gone off the side. Thank goodness for miracles.

So, today we're back a bit early and that's really nice because we get a bit of a break (2 hours...but I'll take anything I can get!).

Have a great rest of the day and hope you like the pictures with Stress Ball Bob!

Paleogirl Rene

The Adventures of Stress Ball

Stress Ball prepares for lecture! Posted by Hello

P.S. Thanks to my sister, Roxanne, and her husband, Randy for the inspiration for this series. Stress Ball was included in my care package. Let's see what kinds of adventures he can get into!!

Stay tuned for the next installment!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

102° in Greybull

Yep, you read that right....102° in Greybull, Wyoming today. On the way home from the field we pass a gas station there and that's what the temperature read...at 4:00pm. I'll be honest, we started in the field at 9:30am and by 2:00pm I was dead. I was almost out of water and just headed back to the van. But, not after sliding down a hill of Mowry Shale and landing on my bad arm 4 times! Thank goodness it's healed well or it would have been broken again. Today may have been the toughest day in the field for me, mostly because of the heat. I stayed in the van and just thought "I can't do anymore". I think everyone else is feeling about the same on this project. Tonight we have a lecture and then have to get cross sections done...UGH!

I got back into camp this afternoon and had the most WONDERFUL surprise waiting for me!! My weird-adopted-funny-pain-in-the-hiney sister and her husband sent me a care package!! I love the little bucket it came in! The candy bar is completely melted but we do have freezers here. My favorite part is the little stress ball. I'm going to squeeze him like mad for the next 4 days (new project starting). Also, you're not allowed to write such sappy stuff in cards to me....it makes me cry in front of all my friends (teehee). Also, I'm not really sure if you're adopted or Mom found you under a head of cabbage in the field...I'll investigate if I ever make it out of here alive.

Caterpilliars were out in full force again today...I didn't kill any (that I know of). Thank goodness we're leaving that site because I hear this afternoon that they bite! Crazy things!

Will close for now..be good...think good thoughts...tomorrow is SINGLE DIGITS BABY!!!

Love and miss you all!
Paleogirl Rene

Monday, June 20, 2005

Monday, Monday...la, la, la, la, la

*WHEW* What a long day!! So this morning we started at the Sheep Mountain Anticline doing a field check. By then the temperature was in the high 80's. I thought I was going to die humping it around that mountain. When I got back to the van, the air was so thin that I was having a hard time breathing. I finally caught my breath in the van as we sped off to the Alkalai Anticline. It's there that we spent the rest of the day. Mind you, temperatures got into the 90's! In the 8 hours we were out I drank 4 liters of water and never pee'd once! Trust me, I was sweating it out like mad. We are supposed to go back to that area tomorrow and finish up the anticline. The heat really makes it nearly unbearable. Oh, and not to mention it is now caterpillar season and these BIG HUGE ICKY caterpillars are everywhere!! And they get inside your clothes...EVERYWHERE!! Makes me sick just thinking about how many I squashed inside my shirt. My favorite thing to do when they get close to me is to put down a rock, let them climb on the rock, then fling the rock as far as I can. Trust me, killing 1 or 1000 won't make a difference because there are so many of them.

I am seriously counting down the days...tomorrow will be 10 days left of field camp. There is a 2 day drive back time but that's okay...only 10 more days of hiking. I can tell you that I've lost weight..probably about 15-20 pounds now....I'm hiking a lot better than when I got here....I am EXHAUSTED!!

Will close for now. Kitchen crew starts soon and I'd really like a big glass of water before that happens. Did I tell you I'm down to 1 cup of coffee a day? There is something really seriously wrong with that!! To be honest, I don't want to drink too much coffee and then have to pee in the field.

Until tomorrow (and I'll upload a picture then), I am....

The coffee-deprived Paleogirl Rene

Sunday, June 19, 2005

My Sunday...

Coteman's Tomb Posted by Hello

The mountain in the middle is called Coteman's Tomb. Let me tell you the story. This guy, Mr. Coteman, came to this area and decided that before he died he was going to climb this HUGE mountain and then have his ashes put there after he passed away. Well, he never got to climb the mountain but his ashes are thrown there....and that's why it's called "Coteman's Tomb".

Today was a nice quiet day. I took this picture on my walk up to Dirty Annie's. I could not stomach the idea of another sandwich or trail mix so 4 friends and I walked up there and had juicy cheeseburgers, fries and a pepsi! It was really delicious and so needed.

Tonight we watched "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", one of my favorite movies. I needed a good laugh and it certainly provided it for me.

Tomorrow starts a new week, a busy week. Tomorrow we are going to go hike Sheep's Mountain again to do a field check then later this week we will be mapping some carbonate facies. I know what you're thinking...carbonate what? Trust me, I'm thinking the same thing....

Be good and I'll type more tomorrow, even if it's short!
Paleogirl Rene

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Wyoming Dino Museum!

T-Rex Posted by Hello

Today we headed to Thermopolis to do laundry and to see either the Thermopolis Hot Springs or the Dinosaur Museum. The day went a little funky because we didn't get out of here until late. Then when we got to the laundromat, half the washers and dryers weren't working. So, we spent way too much time in there trying to get laundry done. Afterwards, I had an hour to get to the museum and back to the vans. It took 15 minutes to walk there, 30 minutes inside the museum and 15 minutes back to the van. It was a small museum, thank goodness, and I just flew by the exhibits because there was just no time to stop and read. I feel bad for the hot springs people though because they never made it over there.

Have I mentioned how ready I am to come home? I am very homesick right now and it's not a good thing because I've been snappy with people. Although, in some cases I feel it's justified.

I want to let you know that starting on Monday I have kitchen duty and will try to get time to be online for my blog but if I miss a day or so just know that it's because of that coupled with our normal work and lecture schedule.

Will close for now. I skipped dinner tonight because I'm irritated with someone here but I still have KP duty so I'll touch base with you again tomorrow. Hope you like the picture of T-Rex!

Big Hugs to all....I'll be home soon!
Paleogirl Rene

Friday, June 17, 2005

DONE! (with the oil project)

Ah, another project done. Dr. MaryAnn Holmes, one of the most fabulous people on the planet, says I speak well (we had to present our information to the instructors and investor). That makes me feel good. Our project did not come out as planned but we were able to defend our position and talk this guy out of drilling for oil. As I understand it, tonight we will watch a video showing what should happen in this area. Our data was a mess, but we'll see if oil is expected.

It is hot as heck here today....luckily there is a breeze blowing. Tonight one of the groups will head in to do laundry. I'm not in a rush to get some wash done so I hope it's not my group. Tomorrow we are supposed to head to Thermopolis Hot Springs and the Wyoming Dinosaur Museum. I am really looking forward to the museum but am still a bit unsure about the springs. The water will be really hot and with the hot temperatures outside, I'm not sure I'm ready to be that cooked. Not only that but the hot springs have a sulfur smell (think the end of a match) and not sure I want to tour the museum smelling like that. Casey and I are considering heading into Cody tomorrow night to see the rodeo. Unlike the past couple of weeks, I am taking Sunday off! I need some rest!!

Hope all is well back home. Two more weeks and I'll be there. This has been a long 4 weeks and I'm really tired now....

I'll take some pictures tomorrow in town. Until the next installment....

Paleogirl Rene

Good Morning!

CAMP IS NOW 2/3 OVER!! Tell me that isn't a great thought first thing in the morning?!?! In 2 weeks exactly I will be making the trek home. I can't wait!

Mom - I got my package yesterday...THANK YOU!!!! It was perfect!! We ate cookies last night and everyone loved them!! I can't thank you enough...it's a piece of home.

We worked on our project until 12:30 last night and still have a lot of stuff to do. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, we are working on an oil prospect. Out of all of the projects we have done so far, this one is my least favorite. It has solidified the fact that I do not want to work in the oil & gas industry. While I do understand that many of the people in this course will be doing that, it just doesn't appeal to me at all.

Today is a day in camp to finish up the work on this project and this afternoon beginning at 1:00pm we have to present it to the investor. It's a 20 minute presentation and they are going to ask about half a billion questions. I only hope we do okay because I'm somewhat clueless on the whole affair.

Will close for now, the breakfast bell went off and I smell bacon...YAY!! We need a good breakfast today.

Will update this later with info on how we did on our project.

Big hugs to all....
Paleogirl Rene

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Oil Prospects and Lightning Bugs...OH MY!

Me at Big Horn Canyon Posted by Hello

Hi All!!

Sorry this is so late tonight. We are working on a huge project...an oil prospect here in the Big Horn Basin. The work is intense and we are so short on time to do it. We have to make a presentation to the prospect owner on Friday at noon. Our data will be used to help him decide if he will drill a $500,000 oil well. Right now we're working on figuring out if he even has a chance of drilling into oil at all. Tomorrow will be another long night as must we get our prospectus and powerpoint presentation completed. Do I hear "all nighter"?

So I was walking back from the porta-potty tonight and I thought to myself "I wish I could show everyone how beautiful the stars are out here." They are really amazing when you have no lights around. The sky is just filled. I didn't realize there were that many stars in the sky.

The other thing I saw tonight was my first Wyoming lightning bug. As you know, my philosphy is "if you can make your butt light up then you're pretty special in my book." It was glorious to watch it fly around the common area in camp.

Before I go tonight I'd like to tell you all how much I appreciate your support on this journey. I know several people here are reading the blogs also and they, too, are inspired by your kind words and messages. I am truly blessed to have such wonderful family and friends!

Mom, the package didn't come today but Shell, WY (population 50) is always a little slow. I'll email you as soon as it arrives (probably tomorrow).

On that note, I will close for tonight. It is almost 11pm and tomorrow will be another long, hot day in the field. Hope you like the picture...it's from this past weekend at Big Horn Canyon in Montana. Gorgeous, GORGEOUS area!!

Sleep well my friends,
Paleogirl Rene

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Things I'm going to do when I get home...

(as per Rene and Casey)

1. Shower alone!!!!!
2. Eat real butter on fully cooked toast
3. Never eat sandwiches again...ever
4. Never eat trail mix again....EVER!
5. Flush my toilet 100 times just to enjoy the sound
6. Shave my legs
7. Sit on my couch for 24 hours without moving except for coffee and bathroom breaks
8. Avoid picnic tables like the plague
9. Change my socks everyday
10. Avoid hills while walking
11. Drink from a real glass
12. Eat a good pizza! (Kosmic Karma at Mellow Mushroom sounds good)
13. Spend $20 at Starbucks
14. Talk on the phone for an hour
15. Paint my toenails
16. Not wear shower shoes in the shower
17. Get a haircut
18. Go to the beach and inhale the salt air deeply
19. Drive our cars
20. Enjoy the sound of cars and civilzation through the open windows instead of the sounds of donkeys, llamas, cows and sheep
21. Hoard soft toilet paper!!
22. Slather my whole body with rich lotion
23. Sleep in a real bed with no sleeping bags nearby
24. Thank the Lord that I made it through field camp
25. Thank all my friends for their wonderful support through this 6 weeks. You all inspire me to want to do better.
26. Hug my kids until they're screaming to be let loose.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Not a Happy Camper!

Late night potty break! Posted by Hello

You think you've got it bad, huh? Well, imagine this, in order for me to make my last potty break of the night last night I had to don my raincoat and wander off to the wilds of the porta-potties! It really sucks when you are ready to head to bed and your jammies are soaked at the bottoms because you've been trudging through the mud just to be able to go to the bathroom. UGH!

So, today was not one of my best days. I should be looking at it like I'm on the downhill slide, but things just got to be too much for me today. To begin with, I got back a project that I'd done and got a 30/100. To me that says "do you even know what the hell geology is let alone how to do it?" Those kinds of scores really make me question whether or not switching out of social work was right for me. At least there I succeeded and felt like I had a clue what was going on.

So then we head to the field and we're trudging through mud and muck and down hills and of course I'm thinking "holy moly, I have got to come back UP this hill on the way back". Once we did head back, needless to say I was at the back of the pack...like 20 minutes back because I have a hard time catching my breath in the thinner air up here, not to mention I'm about 80 pounds overweight. So that embarrasses me and I'm crying all the way up the hills thinking to myself that I'm just so freeking tired and it would feel good to just sit down and cry for an hour or so...just let it out. But of course I can't do that. Casey, bless her heart (she will definitely get wings in heaven, let me tell you) keeps pumping me up, walks the whole way back with me up those damn huge hills, listens to me cry, carries my backpack part of the way so I can catch my breath and continues to have the energy to cheer me on... She deserves a medal, let me tell you!

Then it's off to another site where we had to hike up, do our work and hike back down (more heavy breathing and almost crying) and then on to another site where we hiked up, listened for about 1 minute of quick lecture before hiking back down...and on it went.

To say I am not a happy camper today is an understatement. To say I am questioning my ability to understand geology is an understatement. To say I am as dumb as the rocks I am studying is pretty dead on it seems like today. To say I am tired is enough for me to say goodnight...I am off to make a pot of coffee and bite the hand of anyone who tries to take a cup.

Love you all,
The not so perky Paleogirl Rene

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Today at Big Horn Canyon...left to right...Me, Brandy Bob, Casey, Brandy Jo Posted by Hello

Sunday, Sunday...

I woke up this morning to light rain...that blocks out my plans for today. We were going to either spend the afternoon up in the Bighorn Mountains looking at the wild horses and some other things or I was going to take a walk up to Dirty Annie's (the local convenience store) for a little while. If the weather clears I will probably do the latter. I need a bit of solitude. It's amazing how you can never get any "me" time while you're in camp.

I am the first one awake this morning. It's amazing the stillness of the camp on our day off. Luckily the mess hall is open and I was able to make coffee!! Of course, everyone is sleeping in after going out last night. I became too pooped to pop to be honest. After we finished laundry about 10:30 I just couldn't put any energy into going to the bar or the dance. Not only that, but the dance seemed to be more of a high school gathering rather than adults. So, I came back to camp, put away my clothes and read for about 10 minutes before drifting off to sleep.

Yesterday was a tough day. We got up in the morning and got ready to go. We started out late because the Friday night laundry crew didn't get back until 12:30am. So off to Sheep Mountain we went about 9:00am. We spent the day there hiking and taking data until 3:00pm when we finally took off and headed back to camp. We got here about 4:00pm and then had camp cleanup until 5:30. Camp cleanup involves either cleaning the kitchen, cabins or showers. Then you do another hour of miscellaneous stuff. Yesterday those miscellaneous jobs were laying gravel along the walks, planting trees or pulling dead vines. The easiest of the three was planting trees and that's what I got to do. My body was so tired at that point that I was really happy. After cleanup, 20 minutes for showers, dinner and then off to do laundry until 10:30pm. Like I said, long day!

My jeans are getting too loose...I think I've lost about 15 pounds. If I haven't lost weight then I must be toning up because I have to wear my belt to keep my pants up. They are feeding us really, really well here...it's just all the physical exertion.

Well, coffee is ready and I'm going to go get a cup now, write up some postcards when I fully wake up, and just generally have a quiet Sunday. I think I'll ask someone if I can borrow a movie...that would be relaxing.

Take care and I'll post more tomorrow. Only 21 days until I arrive back in Wilmington....YAY!!
Paleogirl Rene

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Lunchtime at Sheep Mountain Anticline

Lunchtime Posted by Hello

This picture was taken this afternoon at the Sheep Mountain Anticline. From left to right are my friends Stephanie, Brandy Joe, Brandy Bob, and me in front. This was the area for our mapping project this week. Let me tell you what, I humped it around the area like a mad woman today trying to get everything done. And I can also tell you that I am exhausted! I mean right through to the bone EXHAUSTED!! Thank goodness tomorrow is a day off. Also, we are officially halfway through field camp. Two more weeks of projects, a week of Yellowstone and then a final and I'm on my way...YAY!

Tonight I'll be heading into town after dinner to do laundry and then we're stopping by Greybull for the street dance. It's "Greybull Days of '49" this weekend and there's a dance tonight and a rodeo tomorrow. Not sure if we'll go to the rodeo or not but I would love to. I'm going to have to see if we can get a van going.

Will close for now as I want to relax for about 15 minutes before dinner. I'll chat with you soon!!

Friday, June 10, 2005

We saw a double rainbow in Cody this past weekend...not sure if you can see the lighter one off to the left of the main one... Posted by Hello

I have to admit, I have seen the most wonderful things since I've been here in Wyoming. I am really looking forward to Yellowstone in two weeks. It will be the final week before coming home. Speaking of coming home, tomorrow will be the end of 3 weeks and I'll be home 3 weeks exactly from Sunday. Camp is almost, officially, half over!

Most of you know how much I dislike Texas...anyway, so this other group from University Texas Austin is in town to do their geology field camp. They were working in the same area as us and we warned them about the bentonite roads (slick as snot). They blew us off and shot us the bird after we left. Anyway, we had a rain storm yesterday which makes the bentonite even more slick....the Texas folks (those arrogant idiots) did not get out of the field until 2:30am this morning...after pushing out their vans for 8 hours because their egos were too big to listen to us. You should have seen the ruts in the road...a tractor had to pull one of them out it was so deep. Plus, one of the vans has severe damage to the front. Always listen to someone who knows what they're talking about!! Oh, and we hear some students were injured in the ordeal. I'd sue the professors!

Will close for now...tacos for dinner...nummies!!
Paleogirl Rene

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Dolly Llama!!

Dolly Llama! Posted by Hello The llama at the house next door to camp

So let me tell you the torrid details of Miss Dolly Llama's love life....it seems that this family not only owns Miss Dolly but also a male donkey. Well, the donkey took a liking to Miss Dolly and tried to create new and wonderful babies with her. Well, Miss Dolly would NOT have such a thing, nor would her owners. So, the owners bought a female donkey for the male donkey to fool around with. Well, the female donkey did NOT like the male donkey and she was always hanging out at the fence-line to the next field over. WELL...the female donkey went astray and cheated on the male, getting pregnant by another male donkey in the field next door! She then gave birth to a bastard donkey, we call him Fred. So, the male donkey is still after Miss Dolly, the female donkey has the hots for the donkey next door and poor little Freddy is the laughing stock of the whole farmyard. Imagine the scandal!!

Apparently there's nothing quite as wonderful as a little llama love....

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The week is half over!

Today wasn't too bad...at least the sun was shining rather than the gloomy rain we've had the past couple of days. It got so cold last night that if we'd dropped just a couple more degrees, we'd have had snow. The snow-line on the mountains came down very, very low last night. It has been said that we probably had wet snow that didn't stick. It's the first time I've worn my longjohns in June!

We went out this afternoon hoping that the roads had dried up, but no such luck. The bentonite roads are as slick as can be and the vans just get stuck...remember the picture of the "almost" rollover? Instead, we went to this area called "the dump" but it's not really an official dump, just where folks toss off their old tires, cars, etc (it made me sad really to see it). Anyway, at the dump is the area I described a couple of weeks ago that has the ammonites. However, no one found any. Then we wandered off to another area and did some general hiking. I picked up a couple of interesting rocks but nothing major.

Tonight will be another lecture until about 10pm. I realized earlier we're doing 14 hour days. It's no wonder we're all worn out!

Will close for now and am going to try to catch a quick nap before dinner. I'll type more tomorrow.

Paleogirl Rene

More pictures of the camp....

The other side of the mess hall/classroom...my favorite spot..the coffee corner!! Posted by Hello

The mess hall/classroom Posted by Hello

I sleep in the far right corner Posted by Hello

The porta-potties Posted by Hello