Sunday, May 29, 2005

And on the 7th day he rested...

And so am I! The past week has been so outrageously physical that I'm about to fall over from exhaustion. Today, I'm resting...I deserve it...and I'm going to do it! This morning started off with a leisurely breakfast after waking up at 8:15. Cleaned up the kitchen with everyone else and did my homework. I figure from here I'll do a little pleasure reading and then Casey, Hillary and I are going to take a slow walk up to Dirty Annie's so I can get some postcards and things. Tonight we're grilling out hamburgers...that should be fun.

The weather here has turned cold again and we have no heaters in our rooms. I have on two shirts and my jacket and am still frozen. It is also supposed to rain off and on today.

Not to cut this short but I'm going to head off to read now. Pleasure reading has to take a backseat to science reading so when I get a chance to read a juicy novel I need to take it. Have a great day and count down with me...only 32 days left!!

Paleogirl Rene


Rene Follower said...

I am still a little confused by your laundry bonfire thing, but I am soooo glad you are having a good time and playing nice! Rest up, enjoy your juicy novel! You deserve it!

Deborah said...

Hey Gorgeous,

Wow, what great pics. Sorry you missed an opportunity to rope that cowboy, I have a feeling like me you would have been too pooped to party anyway. Next weekend probably would be better anyway since you will be more used to the physical nature of the field work. Ok maybe the weekend after that. Just kidding. I am so proud of you and hope you enjoyed your day of rest. Miss you bunches.
Love, Deb

Anonymous said...

Hi, glad to hear you are going to rest up for the next week. Take it one step at a time and you can do anything your heart desires (as you have proven over and over again). Love Mom