Thursday, May 26, 2005

Dino Tracks!!

Hello Everyone!!

So today we headed to the Red Gulch field area and what did we find....DINOSAUR TRACKS!! I actually stood on top of one of them just to say I'd actually stood where a dino had crossed. I know, kinda geeky, but HEY, I AM a geologist...I think...haha! I took some awesome pictures of them and will try once again to load pictures onto the blog but I'm not holding my breath.

Tonight we have a new assignment that will be based on the field work today. The climbing wasn't so difficult today but I can tell you that my feet hurt really bad. I seem to be favoring the right one when I'm climbing downhill. I'm sure it will strengthen in time.

We're counting down the days until Saturday night, our first real free time. We get that night off along with all of Sunday. I think we may head to the "tourist" dinosaur area that is really nice and pristine rather than the stuff we hike over.

Will close for now and try to get a's another stinky day!

Happy you...until we meet la la....
Paleogirl Rene


Diane said...

So the boots are getting broke in pretty good now? Just curious if they still look so nice??? What about Casey's????? hehehehehe

Rene Follower said...

Maybe you will have time for a pedicure!

MJ said...

....doesn't it seem like the future show on Discovery Channel featuring fossils with Dr. Rene is too far off! YEA YOU!