Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Make the most of it...

As many of you know, I am not really looking forward to being gone for 6 weeks. However, this morning I woke up with a renewed sense of faith and have decided to MAKE THE MOST OF IT!! By this I mean I'm going to put back on my chipper face and head into this journey with a sense of adventure, realizing that I'm going to be seeing and doing things that will probably be rough at times. There will also be times of extreme joy as I'm taking this journey with the best of friends....Erick, Casey and Matt will be there to share the moments and the memories.

Today will be my last post for a couple of days until I get to the actual field camp in Shell, Wyoming. For the 4 of us I hope the wind will be at our backs and our memories will be shared for many, many years to come....


Sherry said...

Sweetie, I hope when you get a chance to check in here you are still wearing that chipper happy face. I *KNOW* you will. Anyway, I'm thinkin' bout ya.

OH> read this:

BTW: it's Memory Makers that just called.... forgot to write that.

Happy thoughts your way,

Diane said...

Hi Rene and Casey!!!!
How wonderful to spend the time I did with you! Corey says hello, I'll let you know what he says about the glasses....LOL
Hope all is going well for you both by the time you're able to read this. You will definitely be in my thoughts!

Rene Follower said...

Man, I thought you couldn't wait to go!!! Did I miss something?