Friday, May 27, 2005

Ropin' me a cowboy!

Hello, Hello!!

So tonight there's a bonfire up the street at Dirty Annie's (the local convenience/we've got everything) store. I'm hopin' there might be a fine looking cowboy sittin around that there fire who might need a gal to hang out with!

Today we went back out to the formation with the dinosaur tracks and finished up our observations. The local newspaper came down and interviewed me, YES ME, for the newspaper. I talked to her about the dinosaur tracks and also about the rippled bedding planes, explaining that Wyoming used to be underwater in the Jurassic, covered by the Sundance Sea (maybe I did learn some things...huh?) The article will appear next Thursday in the Shell, WY paper so I'll make sure to try to get a couple of copies to send out to show you. if they quote me. They even took pictures of me...wouldn't that be cool to be so far from home and yet make the paper!!

After field work we came back to the cabin and had 3 hours to put together a presentation to show the instructors our interpretations of sea level rise and fall in this area during the Jurassic. We were in groups of 3 and the instructor chose someone in the group to make the presentation at the last moment. I was not chosen this time. After the presentation, the instructors asked about half a billion questions and you had to know the answers or make an educated guess. I think I did well. Tomorrow morning we head back to the site and they will tell us what REALLY happened in the area. Oh, and sometime do laundry in town...YAY!

After that, we get to come back to the cabin, clean up the grounds and then we are off until Monday morning at 7:00am. I think I will probably do some relaxing. I'm a bit tired. But, the one good thing is that after tomorrow morning, one week of field camp is over....YAY US!!

But for tonight, it's about time for dinner (have I mentioned how incredibly well they are feeding us?) and then it's off to rope me a cowboy.......

Paleogirl Rene


Anonymous said...

I hope you can do your part to save a horse and ride a cowboy!! Glad you are getting all your stuff done!

Sherry said...

I'm laughing at your ropin' a cowboy title.. I'm like, WHAT?

Can't wait to see the news article. "Wilmington scientist in the middle of a giant dinosaur foot print, and she's only 110lbs! LOL

Got your postcard today, my kids were like, UH MOM>> who's this? I said it's my world-travelin friend.. They just shrugged their shoulders and went back to the X-box. Glad to hear how well you rate, eh?


Diane said...

Totally awesome! that you make the Shell, Wyoming newspaper, can't wait!
Glad your first week is over I'm sure. and you survived. I knew you would.

Deborah said...

I hope the roping and wrangling went well last night. However I am not surprised you will be making it into the local papers. Everyone will be saying who is that gorgeous geologist hamming it up in a dino footprint. Then the cowboys out there will really sit up and take notice. You go girl!!! You are my hero. I got your postcard yesterday and read it to Carol and Don who laughed along with me. I so understand the large comment, but I am glad to hear you are pushing through and keeping that positive tude going on.

Love, Deborah