Tuesday, June 21, 2005

102° in Greybull

Yep, you read that right....102° in Greybull, Wyoming today. On the way home from the field we pass a gas station there and that's what the temperature read...at 4:00pm. I'll be honest, we started in the field at 9:30am and by 2:00pm I was dead. I was almost out of water and just headed back to the van. But, not after sliding down a hill of Mowry Shale and landing on my bad arm 4 times! Thank goodness it's healed well or it would have been broken again. Today may have been the toughest day in the field for me, mostly because of the heat. I stayed in the van and just thought "I can't do anymore". I think everyone else is feeling about the same on this project. Tonight we have a lecture and then have to get cross sections done...UGH!

I got back into camp this afternoon and had the most WONDERFUL surprise waiting for me!! My weird-adopted-funny-pain-in-the-hiney sister and her husband sent me a care package!! I love the little bucket it came in! The candy bar is completely melted but we do have freezers here. My favorite part is the little stress ball. I'm going to squeeze him like mad for the next 4 days (new project starting). Also, you're not allowed to write such sappy stuff in cards to me....it makes me cry in front of all my friends (teehee). Also, I'm not really sure if you're adopted or Mom found you under a head of cabbage in the field...I'll investigate if I ever make it out of here alive.

Caterpilliars were out in full force again today...I didn't kill any (that I know of). Thank goodness we're leaving that site because I hear this afternoon that they bite! Crazy things!

Will close for now..be good...think good thoughts...tomorrow is SINGLE DIGITS BABY!!!

Love and miss you all!
Paleogirl Rene

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Diane said...

As I sit reading your blog I can only think of how incredibly hard this has been for you, yet you have stuck it out, you keep going and you're a wonderful inspiration to us all, I realize at this point in the heat, and after falling, that not much in the words of how much I admire you for doing what you're doing. But I do.
And yes, single digits...... to a shower alone, your couch, a trashy novel, a bubble bath, and maybe even sleeping in...... oh yes and Starbucks!