Friday, June 03, 2005

Another Project Completed!

Hi Haley!! Posted by Hello

So today we finished another group project. Next week we will have the same type of structure project but it will be solo. No problem...I remember my stuff from that class. The week is almost over and I'm looking forward to Sunday. We're heading into Cody, WY for some R&R that day. We might go to the movies but most especially I know we're headed to Walmart. Silly as it sounds, I am looking forward to getting there and paying normal prices for things. For example, the other day I paid $3.99 for a protractor as I'd lost mine in the field. They cost 50 cents at Walmart, but because they have the market here in Greybull, I paid $ was one of those things I had to have though.

Off to work on my stratigraphic good and I'll post some more tomorrow...

Paleogirl Rene


Deborah said...

TGIF!!!!!!!Even though I am working tomorrow it just sounds good to say it. Will be working on packing for my trip to Atlanta next weekend and Carol and I are going to the matinee on Sunday to see "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants",major chick flick, and we are so looking forward to it. Hope you get to go to the movies too.

Love Deb

Anonymous said...

Hi, heading up to Cherokee to gamble tomorrow with Daddy - hope we win.
Shopping Sunday with Randy, Roxanne & Goody. Haley loves the signs you are holding up. Hope your first package got there okay.
Love to you, Mom

Rene said...

No package today Mom, but they say things run a bit slower in Wyoming. I can't wait to get it!! Good luck at Cherokee...I'll send you some good luck karma!! I'm glad Haley likes the signs...tell her Aunt Rene says HI.

Deborah, I'll have to check that movie out online. And yes, TGIF...even if my week doesn't end until about 11:00pm tomorrow night. But hey, TWO WEEKS DOWN!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl...yes I agree TGIF....just sounds good. You sound great....cannot beleive you PAID 3.99 for that darn thing....but you gotta do what you gotta. Miranda and I are going to the NOOK tomorrow to crop for FREE for a couple of hours and then headed to a friends cook out later in the day. Keep up the good work...and "may the force be with you!" I did see Star Wars last week with Joe and Trevor...we all loved it! Miss ya...rhonda

Sherry said...

GIRL>> that's blasphemy.... looking forward to going to Walmart, AHHH my ears are bleeding.!

Man, I can only imagine that this must me what it's like to live life in the Peace Corps or something. Nomadic living at it's finest. You are constantly moving up a notch on my "Most Admired" Woman list!!!

Rene Follower said...

Hey, If your mom & Dad win maybe you will get another goody bag!! You are soooooooooo cool! Even if I am not getting any cards!!