Friday, June 17, 2005

DONE! (with the oil project)

Ah, another project done. Dr. MaryAnn Holmes, one of the most fabulous people on the planet, says I speak well (we had to present our information to the instructors and investor). That makes me feel good. Our project did not come out as planned but we were able to defend our position and talk this guy out of drilling for oil. As I understand it, tonight we will watch a video showing what should happen in this area. Our data was a mess, but we'll see if oil is expected.

It is hot as heck here today....luckily there is a breeze blowing. Tonight one of the groups will head in to do laundry. I'm not in a rush to get some wash done so I hope it's not my group. Tomorrow we are supposed to head to Thermopolis Hot Springs and the Wyoming Dinosaur Museum. I am really looking forward to the museum but am still a bit unsure about the springs. The water will be really hot and with the hot temperatures outside, I'm not sure I'm ready to be that cooked. Not only that but the hot springs have a sulfur smell (think the end of a match) and not sure I want to tour the museum smelling like that. Casey and I are considering heading into Cody tomorrow night to see the rodeo. Unlike the past couple of weeks, I am taking Sunday off! I need some rest!!

Hope all is well back home. Two more weeks and I'll be there. This has been a long 4 weeks and I'm really tired now....

I'll take some pictures tomorrow in town. Until the next installment....

Paleogirl Rene

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Deborah said...

Hey Gorgeous

Well of course you speak well you silly goose. Glad the oil project is over and only two more weeks to Rene Hugs. Wanted to let you know I spoke to Richard and he seems to be doing fine. Busy but fine. I would definitely reccommend going to the Rodeo, I think you would have a great time. Maybe you can finally rope you a cowboy!!!!!

Love, Deb