Saturday, June 11, 2005

Lunchtime at Sheep Mountain Anticline

Lunchtime Posted by Hello

This picture was taken this afternoon at the Sheep Mountain Anticline. From left to right are my friends Stephanie, Brandy Joe, Brandy Bob, and me in front. This was the area for our mapping project this week. Let me tell you what, I humped it around the area like a mad woman today trying to get everything done. And I can also tell you that I am exhausted! I mean right through to the bone EXHAUSTED!! Thank goodness tomorrow is a day off. Also, we are officially halfway through field camp. Two more weeks of projects, a week of Yellowstone and then a final and I'm on my way...YAY!

Tonight I'll be heading into town after dinner to do laundry and then we're stopping by Greybull for the street dance. It's "Greybull Days of '49" this weekend and there's a dance tonight and a rodeo tomorrow. Not sure if we'll go to the rodeo or not but I would love to. I'm going to have to see if we can get a van going.

Will close for now as I want to relax for about 15 minutes before dinner. I'll chat with you soon!!

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Deborah said...

Hope you get to go to the Rodeo too. When we lived on the Army base in Missouri they had a stables that my brother worked at during the summer and they had a couple of Rodeos each year. My brother actually rode broncos in a few of them. Always scarey since my brother was accident prone just walking down the street. However,it was always fun and exciting to watch. Sounds like so many new experiences for you. I know you are counting the days but hope that the new experiences are helping to make up for being away from home.

Love, Deb