Sunday, June 19, 2005

My Sunday...

Coteman's Tomb Posted by Hello

The mountain in the middle is called Coteman's Tomb. Let me tell you the story. This guy, Mr. Coteman, came to this area and decided that before he died he was going to climb this HUGE mountain and then have his ashes put there after he passed away. Well, he never got to climb the mountain but his ashes are thrown there....and that's why it's called "Coteman's Tomb".

Today was a nice quiet day. I took this picture on my walk up to Dirty Annie's. I could not stomach the idea of another sandwich or trail mix so 4 friends and I walked up there and had juicy cheeseburgers, fries and a pepsi! It was really delicious and so needed.

Tonight we watched "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", one of my favorite movies. I needed a good laugh and it certainly provided it for me.

Tomorrow starts a new week, a busy week. Tomorrow we are going to go hike Sheep's Mountain again to do a field check then later this week we will be mapping some carbonate facies. I know what you're thinking...carbonate what? Trust me, I'm thinking the same thing....

Be good and I'll type more tomorrow, even if it's short!
Paleogirl Rene


Debroah said...

Sounds like you had a much needed good day. Glad you could get that cheeseburger and fries,you deserved it. Thanks for continuing to let us know how things are going and sending pics of your travels.I look forward to reading about your adventures every day and living vicariously through Paleo girl.

Love, Deb

Rene Follower said...

Man, Carbonate lucky stiff!!! I would love to do that....oh well, in my other life maybe...NOT!!! You should know everything when you get home! You need to wear those hiking boots when you hike up to get that diploma, with the HONOR CORDS ON!!! Miss ya!

Diane said...

I totally agree with Deb, thank you for keeping us up on your life while you are there, the pictures are gorgeous and when days get long and exhausting, just remember some of those gorgeous views that you've gotten to see while you've been there! Even if I don't post everyday,I check your blog everyday.

Anonymous said...

Rene,thanks for the blog updates and the pictures. I love the pic of you with your raincoat and flashlight heading to the porta potties. You know what a big chicken I am....I would have pee'd in the bed before going outside in the dark, in the rain....too many horror movies start out like that. I'd be the dumb one that trips!

The scared, adopted, favorite, funny one

Anonymous said...

You have really made this fun for all of us...I am so glad you did this BLOG thing. It has been great to keep up to date with you...and the pictures are great!!! rhonda