Monday, June 13, 2005

Not a Happy Camper!

Late night potty break! Posted by Hello

You think you've got it bad, huh? Well, imagine this, in order for me to make my last potty break of the night last night I had to don my raincoat and wander off to the wilds of the porta-potties! It really sucks when you are ready to head to bed and your jammies are soaked at the bottoms because you've been trudging through the mud just to be able to go to the bathroom. UGH!

So, today was not one of my best days. I should be looking at it like I'm on the downhill slide, but things just got to be too much for me today. To begin with, I got back a project that I'd done and got a 30/100. To me that says "do you even know what the hell geology is let alone how to do it?" Those kinds of scores really make me question whether or not switching out of social work was right for me. At least there I succeeded and felt like I had a clue what was going on.

So then we head to the field and we're trudging through mud and muck and down hills and of course I'm thinking "holy moly, I have got to come back UP this hill on the way back". Once we did head back, needless to say I was at the back of the 20 minutes back because I have a hard time catching my breath in the thinner air up here, not to mention I'm about 80 pounds overweight. So that embarrasses me and I'm crying all the way up the hills thinking to myself that I'm just so freeking tired and it would feel good to just sit down and cry for an hour or so...just let it out. But of course I can't do that. Casey, bless her heart (she will definitely get wings in heaven, let me tell you) keeps pumping me up, walks the whole way back with me up those damn huge hills, listens to me cry, carries my backpack part of the way so I can catch my breath and continues to have the energy to cheer me on... She deserves a medal, let me tell you!

Then it's off to another site where we had to hike up, do our work and hike back down (more heavy breathing and almost crying) and then on to another site where we hiked up, listened for about 1 minute of quick lecture before hiking back down...and on it went.

To say I am not a happy camper today is an understatement. To say I am questioning my ability to understand geology is an understatement. To say I am as dumb as the rocks I am studying is pretty dead on it seems like today. To say I am tired is enough for me to say goodnight...I am off to make a pot of coffee and bite the hand of anyone who tries to take a cup.

Love you all,
The not so perky Paleogirl Rene


Anonymous said...

Oh, Renee, you will be just fine. You are a tough cookie. Tell Ms. Casey thanks for taking care of our friend.
Just keep thinking like "The little train that could" and keep on trucking.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

I think you are doing great, keep your chin up, you have survived worse and you will survivie this.
Package on the way, look for it about Wednesday. Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Rene, Rene, come on girl! You da bomb and we know you beleive it too! We are all pulling fer ya and so darn proud of have done what many before you only dream of are doing what you said you would do...committ, accomplish and overcome. Now you listen up brush yourself off and face a new day tomorrow...No one said it would be all fun , or easy, or hell, that you wouldnt want to doubt is good for the sole and gives you more determination to GET IT DONE. So sleep it off and tomorrow is a new day...You rock Rene....You the WOOOOOO - MAN!!!!
RHONDA.... :)

Diane said...

This too shall pass.....
I appreciate the honesty you give each time you could be just telling us everything is wonderful. You know we are the ones sitting here reading it, you are the one there doing it. I realize that in saying you will look back in another couple of weeks, and you may look at it a different way, and you may not, bottom line is that YOU DID it. Yes, Casey will get her wings in heaven, but so will you Rene. God has his reasons for sending you down this path.

Sherry said...

WOW! It's refreshing to know you are a FREAKIN human being. For the longest time along this journey I could'a swore you were wearing Wonder Woman Underoo's (uh, you DO remember those,don't you?)

Girl.... What's amazing is that despite the obstacles that you named, you're still THERE, doing it. Don't ever forget how much we love you.

Deborah said...

Hey Gorgeous,

Don't forget how awesome and wonderful a person you are and don't forget how much you mean to your friends and that we are pulling for you every step of the way. You are our Hero!!!!!! Don't let that grade get you down. You know you are good. Remember that prestigious award you got. They don't give those to dummies. I am thanking God for Casey too. I am glad she is there for you since I couldn't be. If I was there we would have been walking up that hill crying together, don't you know it.

Hugs from me to you.

Love Deb.