Friday, June 24, 2005

The Reservoir Dogs...

My prospect team... Posted by Hello

This was for the oil and gas project that we did last week. On the left is Laura and on the right is Hillary. For our project we had to come up with a team name and also a prospectus name. Our prospectus name was "C'mon, throw in a buck!"...a line from the movie Reservoir Dogs. We used this picture as the first slide in our presentation. The instructors couldn't stop laughing...they thought it was perfect. They say I don't look mean enough though...teehee.

Today was a short day in the field, only until 12:00. Then we came back and worked on our hydrology project that was due at 5:00. It, too, was a full prospectus telling the land owner where to drill for water. I'm hoping my team did a good job on our group part, and I'd like to think I did a good job on the individual part, but one never knows until the grades are handed out.

Tonight I'm off to go do laundry...I know you must all be just as estatic as I am over this! Actually, tonight is the LAST NIGHT I will ever do laundry in a Basin, Wyoming laundromat....YAY YAY YAY!! (I'm trying to curtail my excitement, can't you tell?)

It's funny, I dropped over to the website for the field camp and was looking at it. You think to yourself "Only 7 more days" but it's when you actually see it on a calendar and you look at all you have accomplished in the past 5 weeks that you think "WOW, I really am almost done".

Will close for now...almost time for kitchen crew. The extra responsibility of that has also helped make this week pass quickly.

I'll update again tomorrow...Sleep well my friends,
Paleogirl Rene

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Anonymous said...

And you said you would never make it. Proud of you, as always,
Love Mom & Dad