Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Sheep's Mountain

A little windy, but behind me is Sheep's Mountain... Posted by Hello

Today we went out in the field again even though it was raining. It wasn't as bad as the other day though as the roads we were travelling on were more asphalt than mud. After we did our field work a severe storm started blowing in as we were on our way to the Bentonite Plant (they make rocks into kitty litter). We saw two large tornadoes, one of which touched the ground. When the storm passed overhead we were in the building but the noise was pretty loud.

Afterwards, we got to head into town. Town is literally two roads that come together with about 5 stores on each side. I bought a new protractor (as I lost mine in the field yesterday) and some postcards. Hope you're all liking the postcards...I sent off more yesterday.

Tonight we get to look forward to an evening of stratigraphic columns...oh yippee. But hey, it's Wednesday and we've only got 30 days left...YAY!!


Anonymous said...

Hi, pictures are not coming through again, but don't worry about it. Look for package Friday thru Express mail. Hope the weather improves. Mom

Rene said...

I'm SO EXCITED!!! I love care packages!!! Right click on the picture and tell it "show picture" and it should come up...I had to do that too.

Thanks Mom!!!!!!

Deborah said...

So does that mean just anyone can send a care package out and if so where would one send it tooo? Hey don't think you are the only one counting the days. I just had the weekend from hell( amazingly enough it involved my in-laws) and am in dire need of a hug from one of the best huggers in the West. Oh, woe is me. MIss you bunches.

Love, Deb

Anonymous said...

Rene, Hey girl. Just got my computer
fixed and logged on here.Looks like u r havin a wonderful time. What an adventure.Thanks for the postcard,it was good hearing frm you.Take care & maybe you will russle you that cowboy soon.

Diane said...

you look awesome.... you have to admit even though its so hard, what an experience. ok ok so its still 30 more days, but I hope you know what I mean.

Rhonda said...

Hey Rene! I miss you girl. Sounds like you really getting a work out. I was so tickled to hear from you the other day. I am really proud of being doing good! Things here are good. My home PC giving me some issues and have to finish cleaning it up soon. I am glad to see Sandee has her PC aint fun without one. Keep up the good work and we all can't wait for you to come home...rhonda

Rene Follower said...

Woman, I can see you are having a terrible time there, and I think you should come home!!!! Since I am the only one not getting cards from you!!!