Saturday, June 25, 2005

Stress Ball Bob is clean again!

YAY! Clean laundry!! Posted by Hello

It was great to get into town and do laundry. What was even better was realizing this was the LAST time I'd have to go in there to do laundry!! Yep, that's right folks, the final countdown has begun in earnest towards getting home. Now it's not just days we're counting but events. For example...only 6 more days until I'm done....only one more night of kitchen duty....only one more project to get the picture, I'm sure.

Today in the field wasn't so bad. We did a lot of climbing in and out of the van and looking at different things. The stress fracture in my right foot was acting up a bit but I managed to get most things done. Our final project will be done on Monday.

Tomorrow is a day off and I'm looking forward to it. I think I will once again try to take it easy. On Monday night we head into Cody to spend the night and will be camping there. Then tuesday and wednesday take us to Yellowstone and also the Grand Teton Mountains where we will also camp (don't forget I won't be able to post to my blog these days). Thursday is back to camp, camp cleanup, take our final, get our grade and pack our stuff. Friday, glorious friday, we leave for home. I won't actually get into town until Sunday night around 10:40pm or so. It will be great to be home for the 4th.

Will close for now and go see if I can get some CD's I wanted to copy from some of the folks here. I'll post a bit more tomorrow...

Paleogirl Rene


Deborah said...

Hey Gorgeous,

Sounds like you are on the home stretch but have a busy week ahead of you. Do you need me to pick you up at the airport or is that already taken care of? Also I should have a small surprise for you when you get home. I placed an IRW order today and there was something I ordered specially for you.

MIss you bunches,


Miss you bunches, Deb

Rene said...

Casey said her husband is going to pick us up as we get in so very late. I will confirm with her this week on the status and will get back with you on Thursday.

Paleogirl Rene

Anonymous said...

Hey and we can have a big party that nite!!!!!!!!! NOT....(grin) But we will want to hook up with you soon and hear all about your trip in person!!!!!