Friday, June 10, 2005

We saw a double rainbow in Cody this past weekend...not sure if you can see the lighter one off to the left of the main one... Posted by Hello

I have to admit, I have seen the most wonderful things since I've been here in Wyoming. I am really looking forward to Yellowstone in two weeks. It will be the final week before coming home. Speaking of coming home, tomorrow will be the end of 3 weeks and I'll be home 3 weeks exactly from Sunday. Camp is almost, officially, half over!

Most of you know how much I dislike Texas...anyway, so this other group from University Texas Austin is in town to do their geology field camp. They were working in the same area as us and we warned them about the bentonite roads (slick as snot). They blew us off and shot us the bird after we left. Anyway, we had a rain storm yesterday which makes the bentonite even more slick....the Texas folks (those arrogant idiots) did not get out of the field until 2:30am this morning...after pushing out their vans for 8 hours because their egos were too big to listen to us. You should have seen the ruts in the road...a tractor had to pull one of them out it was so deep. Plus, one of the vans has severe damage to the front. Always listen to someone who knows what they're talking about!! Oh, and we hear some students were injured in the ordeal. I'd sue the professors!

Will close for now...tacos for dinner...nummies!!
Paleogirl Rene


Diane said...

Picture is absolutely beautiful!!!

And to those Texans! ha ha

Deborah said...

I am back in town and catching up on your blog. I love the double rainbow,have seen a few in my time and it is always such a cool sight, I am always in such awe of them. About the Texans, some people never learn, what idiots. I will never understand why people don't learn from others mistakes and save themselves a whole lot of time and trouble. Things that make you go Hmmmmm.

Love, Deb