Saturday, June 18, 2005

Wyoming Dino Museum!

T-Rex Posted by Hello

Today we headed to Thermopolis to do laundry and to see either the Thermopolis Hot Springs or the Dinosaur Museum. The day went a little funky because we didn't get out of here until late. Then when we got to the laundromat, half the washers and dryers weren't working. So, we spent way too much time in there trying to get laundry done. Afterwards, I had an hour to get to the museum and back to the vans. It took 15 minutes to walk there, 30 minutes inside the museum and 15 minutes back to the van. It was a small museum, thank goodness, and I just flew by the exhibits because there was just no time to stop and read. I feel bad for the hot springs people though because they never made it over there.

Have I mentioned how ready I am to come home? I am very homesick right now and it's not a good thing because I've been snappy with people. Although, in some cases I feel it's justified.

I want to let you know that starting on Monday I have kitchen duty and will try to get time to be online for my blog but if I miss a day or so just know that it's because of that coupled with our normal work and lecture schedule.

Will close for now. I skipped dinner tonight because I'm irritated with someone here but I still have KP duty so I'll touch base with you again tomorrow. Hope you like the picture of T-Rex!

Big Hugs to all....I'll be home soon!
Paleogirl Rene


Anonymous said...

Hey girl! You doing good, hang in there chic. We are missing you too...but you doing great and have accomplished so much already. You keep your witts about ya and chin up.

Went to MOPS crop for a bit on SAT and met Miranda and Sande there. Of course, I did a lot of talking and very little scrapbooking. What is new right? We actually worked to get our things organized for SDV next weekend, cannot beleive it is finally around the corner. We did a few swaps and were all working to finish up and get them in order. That was big accomplishment and now I need to start packing stuff for trip.
Can't wait to see you..we will all have to hook up when you return!!!

Deborah said...

Hey Gorgeous,

Hang in there, not much longer now. Great Dino pic. He looks pretty ferocious even without his skin. Never give up, you can do it, I know you can.

Love, Deb

Rene Follower said...

Thanks for my postcards, I love getting them!!! I love reading your misadventures!!! Not long now girlfriend!!!!