Thursday, July 21, 2005

A day and a wake up....

And then I'm on my way to Iceland....OH YEA!! Last night it finally hit me that I am going to ICELAND and I have to tell you that I just got estatic! I do believe Richard thought I was half out of my mind...but we already knew that anyway...haha. I started packing today, finally (as Casey would say) and have gotten almost everything done. All that's left is my toiletries bag. The flight is a long one so I'm taking my Harry Potter book with me and I filled up my MP3 player with music. By the way, isn't the picture beautiful? That is Iceland...stole it from the official website...yep, yep.

I went out to Mayfaire yesterday and saw "Wedding Crashers". It was pretty good but I didn't laugh the way I thought I would. Don't you hate it when they put all the funny parts in the previews?

Got a new job at Target. I'll actually start once I get home. I've also been asked to come to Lowes Foods for an interview tomorrow. Who knows, maybe they'll pay better than Target.

I want to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to Casey!! This morning she took the biology CLEP exam and passed...she, too, is now a Geologist....YAY YOU!!! About time you caught up with me girly...haha.

More tomorrow,
Paleogirl Rene


Rene Follower said...

I really hope you can blog in Iceland! it may be our chance to see it up close & personal! Congrats on the Target job, good luck on the Lowes interview! Right attitude to see who pays more and who is more flexible! Glad you are ready, will see you when you get back!!!

Anonymous said...

That is my favorite store!!! I can't believe you got a job there! Woohoo! Enjoy your trip, the picture is beautiful.
When you go on these trips with people, do you get them in trouble like you used to do me? Like "Here drink this poison, it won't hurt you", "lets walk 12 miles in the blistering heat", or my personal favorite "stand really close in the doorway so when the big dog comes to the door, he will eat you instead of me" and so on......
As you always lovingly called me "the rotten one"

Anonymous said...

congrats on the job! yay!!
glad you packed!
yay for Casey!!!
hope you truly have a wonderful time, as i know you will.... i'll be thinking of you!