Monday, July 04, 2005

Home Sweet Home...

Hello Everyone!!

I made it home safe and sound last night. The airlines lost our luggage but thankfully returned it to us today. It was a long flight home; the time just seemed to creep by as we waited for the next flight (3 in all). But, we are both safely home now. It was wonderful to crash in my own bed last night and wear clothes today that don't smell like Wyoming! Showering alone was pretty darn exciting too!! I've had about 4 cups of coffee today so I'm pretty happy.

Will close for now and go sit on the couch and mindlessly watch television for awhile. Tomorrow is a full day for to get my hair store....manicure/pedicure (a treat for myself) the Nook to see about my work schedule...."War of the Worlds" in the afternoon....and then who knows?!?! But I can assure you it's something better than being in Wyoming....

The ever-so-happy Paleogirl Rene


MJ said...


I'm so glad you made it safely. Talk to you soon!!!

BrandiJo said...

Rene - there are few things better than being in Wyoming, dammit! Do you want me to tickle you?

I'm glad you're home safe and sound. Please keep this blog going when you're in Iceland.

I know you're happy to be home, but I just wanted to know, your sunny attitude helped me so many times through camp. I loved being your TA. :)


Rene said...


It is because of you and the support from my very good friends here that I even made it through field camp. You are, in so very many ways, my hero. And, I love the fact that you were our TA...I couldn't have chosen a better person for the job.

Just don't forget that I want a "Paleo-Geek" t-shirt!!!