Friday, July 22, 2005

Life has been good to me...

Another view of Iceland. I think the pictures are so pretty!! I'm not sure exactly where my research will be taking place but I'm sure it's going to be as beautiful as can be. My poor camera will go insane with all the pictures I'll be taking!! I leave tomorrow at 1:50 from Wilmington and I'm so excited I'm jumping up and down in my seat. I'm almost completely packed. Only thing I still have to get together is a few things in my backpack. I've decided not to take Harry Potter along with me...the book is heavy and takes up a lot of room in my backpack. So, I'm taking a trashy novel instead!

Good news with Lowes...they offered me a job and the pay is substantially higher than at Target so I'm going to take it. I'll start as soon as I get back.

I'm hoping to keep this blog going while I'm gone...keep your fingers crossed that I'll get internet access somewhere! Here are two of the places I'll be staying....

Off to do some last minute stuff,

Paleogirl Rene


Anonymous said...

that is beautiful!!!
ok, so you are SO LUCKY... trashy novel??? ummm email me what it is I need some good reading! LOL
take care
travel safe

Rene Follower said...

Hey, You there yet???? Just checkin in! Waiting for news!

mj said...

Hey Paleo Girl!

You and your camera will be very, very busy taking pics. I can't wait to hear/see the next installment of your adventures... I had quite an adventure last week myself with THE VISIT. Stay well and have FUN!