Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Getting Ready for Philly....

I leave for Philadelphia on Saturday morning and will be back Wednesday night. This is my first time to the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America and I'm very excited! I will be presenting research I did with my paleoecology class. My research focuses on the taphonomy of the shells. Taphonomy is "the laws of the burial" and it is a determination of how something has changed since it died, was buried and now exhumed. I've attached a picture of the 4 of us who worked hard getting two different posters done. From left to right is me, Michelle, Tricia (my graduate advisor and an all-around amazing person!) and Patti. We are the Ladies of Paleontology!!

The other great thing about going to this GSA meeting is that I'll be scoping out a new University for my PhD work. I'm very excited about this and have bought new clothes and accessories. I even made my own business cards!! (with purple on them, of course) I'm hoping to pass on a professional image so that people will want to work with me and think I am serious about my studies.

I'm also going to go see the Liberty Bell, the Natural History Museum and run up the stairs at the Art Museum that Rocky Balboa ran up (will probably even get my picture taken with his statue).

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