Thursday, October 12, 2006

A piece of my world...

Today I happened to have my camera at school taking pictures for the poster I'll be presenting at the Geological Society of America meeting in Philly next weekend. I thought I'd take a moment and share with you a bit of where I work when I'm at school on the main campus (I'll put up pictures another time of my lab-space at the Center for Marine Science). This, my dear friends and family, is my office! Notice as you look from the top down, there is the most perfect specimen of manhood (except of course you, Corey darling) that I have ever laid my eyes on. Yes, Mr. Johnny Depp graces the wall above my desk. Who better to look at when my eyes start to glaze over and I think "how in the heck do you do this?!?!" Below that is my memo board with cards that I love (that Deb sent me in field course!) along with a bumper sticker from the New Mexico balloon festival (thanks Casey!), a starfish given to me (thanks Devon!) and a few cartoons that I think are hilarious.

Below that you'll see pictures of the boys and I along with some fake flowers (I am a girl ya know) and my coffee cup (one of my most precious possessions). To the right is my bookcase filled with stuff I haven't looked at in ages. And, don't you just LOVE the makeshift handle on the desk? Thank goodness for learning knots in the Navy!! On my desk is my Micropaleontology book (in case Dr. Laws looks here so he thinks I'm really studying).

It's small, it's cramped (when I'm working on stuff) but it's a great place! Devon has the desk to the left of me and we love to cut up as much as we can to break up the monotony of grading papers and reading articles for class.

So, my dears, this is where I live when I'm not living at home.....


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