Wednesday, January 03, 2007

More Colin

He is delicious! Absolutely delicious!! To me, there is nothing sexier than a smart man. Honestly, I would take ugly over dumb. Luckily, Colin is neither!!

Been a crazy day around here, just trying to get caught up on some small things. I spent much of the morning at school getting applications, letters of recommendations, etc. printed out and prepared to be sent as soon as my transcripts come in. Applying for PhD programs is expensive!! I was speaking to my friend Patti today and got to thinking about a typical application:

Application fee: $50
Transcripts from 6 schools: $34
GRE Scores: $15
Acceptance into a good PhD program: Priceless!

I'm applying to 7 schools...that's $700....Absolutely worth it! I'll continue to keep you updated on the progress....

As a side note: 60 days until I'm basking in the Caribbean...oh yea!

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Anonymous said...

Yes Colin is adorable and when you are a famous Paleontologist I am sure that you will have occassion to move in the elevated circle of Colin and his illustrious friends.

Wow, who new it was so expensive just to apply to a PHD program, but I know it will all be worth it, I have faith in you and of course you must become a Paleontologist so I can visit you when you take your sabbaticals to exotic places.