Friday, February 09, 2007

Horoscopes and Life

I'm always a bit curious about horoscopes. I don't put a lot of faith in them. But every once in awhile when I read mine I really get to thinking there might be something to it. For instance, today. I decided I was going to take a quiet day to myself. My world has been crazy lately and I felt like I needed a day to myself. A day to stay home in my jammies, get ready for my crop tomorrow, watch a video I'd get the idea, just a day for me without answering phones or going outside. So, imagine my surprise when I clicked on the MSN horoscope for today and read this:

"Try to make sure you get some quality time to yourself today, dear Virgo. Your nature is one that thrives on intensity of thought, creativity, sexuality, and emotion. Without adequate time alone in a space that is comfortable for you, you may begin to feel worn out. Such things as irritability or withdrawal can be strong indicators that it's high time you got some time to be alone with yourself. Make some plans for this today."

Freaky yet interesting, isn't it?

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