Thursday, February 08, 2007

My First PhD Acceptance!

As you know I have applied to 6 different universities for my PhD. I have "unofficially" gotten my first acceptance. One of the professors has asked me to join the program and "hopes he can convince me to attend UT as they have a lot to offer." In fact, the first year stipend is quite high and I would be working with middle school students in a GK-12 program. GK-12 is a program that takes graduate students and puts them in classes with middle school students. The teacher & graduate student work hand in hand to teach earth science to the students. It's a great program and was offered through UNCW until 2 years ago when the grant was not renewed through the National Science Foundation. Anyway, this offer would be great for many reasons: still close to my family and friends, working with someone I have great respect for and also good money. I am highly considering this university.

Oh, and did I mention that I get to keep working with my echinoderms...except now it will be the crazy wonky ones that no one knows anything about? It's like a whole new world...literally...and the future projects/possibilites would be endless because so little is known about them!!

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Anonymous said...

While all of this sounds really great,I think the real issue here is school colors. Can we get our PHD from a school who loves the color orange, where we will probably be seeing the color orange on a daily basis? Since your aversion to this color is well-known throughout the scrapbooking community I have my concerns. Thank you.