Thursday, March 15, 2007

Back from my cruise

So...vacation....AMAZING!! Left here on Sunday morning at 6:00am, no issues with my flight and was onboard the Carnival Valor by 12:15 and eating fish & chips in Rosie's Diner. Got into my room at 1:30...wonderful SINGLE my undies, etc. put away by 2:00 and I was outta there and back on deck.

Leaving Miami was great fun. There is something magical about going on a cruise. Pulling away from the dock just fills me with excitement and possibility. Went to the lifeboat drill with an appletini in my hand...I was like Molly Brown from Titanic...

Next day at sea was a lazy day and not great weather. I went to tea and just kind of putzed around the ship. Went to the show at night...slept like a baby afterwards.

Grand Cayman - water was too rough and couldn't get in port but it sure looked pretty from afar. Did NOT get to swim with the stingrays...the whole REASON I booked this cruise...ugh.

Honduras - ziplined and screamed like a mad woman!! One of the best/most fun/crazy things I've ever done. The adrenaline rush was unbelievable!! Spent a few $$ in town, but not many, as I was saving my money for something else later.

Belize - did cave-tubing through 2 caves. Had to walk through the rain forest for a mile to get to the head of the was AMAZING!! Flopped into the water, into my tube and away I went. Used my little headlamp to look at the cave walls...noticed the rocks...I am such a geek. BUTTS UP when we got to shallow areas so as not to run our hiney's over the rocks...saw a few bats... Went into town afterwards before tendering back out to the boat and bought myself a pair of tanzanite earrings. Tanzanite is by far my favorite gemstone...they cost me a fortune!! So worth it was what I was saving for.

Costa Maya Mexico - went to the Kohunlich Mayan Ruins and climbed around as one would expect that I would. Can cross another thing off my list of things I want to do now...they were way too cool!!

Back at sea for another day before returning to Miami. Once we arrived (at 5:30am) I promptly went back to sleep as I didn't have to be downstairs until 8:30am. I went on a tour of the Everglades in Florida. Grew up there for 17 years and don't remember ever visiting the everglades...saw some big alligators...woo!

Home on Monday...back to school on Tuesday and have been running like a mad-woman since!! Keep an eye on my blog for pictures...the first, above, is me ziplining in Honduras!!

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