Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Final Countdown....

Can't you just hear the music?!?! I think the group was Berlin but I'm not positive. I figure Miranda is the Queen of Wikipedia...she'll find the answer for us!!

Tomorrow is the big day...yep, I'll be leaving Wilmington and heading to my new home in Knoxville. Today is filled with the last minute packing and getting ready to complete the process. I also have to go buy a refrigerator for my new house.

I'll be in my new home by Friday and internet access will be back on sometime Saturday. I'll try to post a little something on Saturday night to let everyone know I made it okay. I miss my friends already....*sigh*

It's a new adventure...a new challenge...and I hope you'll stay with me for the ride!!

Will touch base with you all soon,
Paleogirl René

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Anonymous said...

You go girl I am so proud of you for going after what you want.