Tuesday, June 19, 2007

House Pictures!

FINALLY - PICTURES!! So this is my house from the front. Notice it's all brick (YAY) and has a two car garage that I love!!! (except that the garage is painted orange...I'll take a picture of that later for you)

This is from the front of my house looking down the street. NOTE: I'm at the very end of the cul-de-sac!! ADDITIONAL NOTE: Notice the orange bucket in the front yard...and the fire hydrant in my front yard....the people here TRULY love orange...seriously!!
Here is my living room. It is at the front of the house. It is still not painted but will be soon.

The kitchen which is at the back of the house. It is not painted yet - I'm thinking of painting both the living room and the kitchen the same shade of green as they share walls.

This is my bedroom. I painted it a pale green color called "Mountain Mist"....it is lovely! I am going to get a new bed covering - something in a darker periwinkle (with more purple than blue) color.
This is my office/scrapbook room. I haven't put any of my scrapbook items in it yet as I have promised myself that I won't until I finish my thesis. It's been hard but I will survive! I painted it a pale blue and am highlighting it with black furniture.

In case you're just not sure why I've made such a big deal out of the color orange I simply ask you this.....what is my LEAST favorite color in the whole wide world?!?!


Anonymous said...

Love it, Love it. Love it. Thanks for posting pictures of the new place. So happy for you,you so deserve it. Can't wait to see the scraproom part of the office space when you are done.


Anonymous said...

awesome!!!!!!!! house looks great.
i was waiting and waiting for you to post something!!!
looks like you're settling in! :-)

Diane -Iowa

Roxanne said...

The house is lovely, hope you are enjoying it and hope the jeep enjoys its own room as well.