Thursday, June 28, 2007

Love this!!

I think this is one of my favorite new things in my water dispenser! Simple but true. I find that I love being able to just push my glass next to the little dispenser and *poof* I have ice and water. I find that I am drinking much more because it is so convenient. The other thing that is really cool is that it has a Brita filter right in the dispenser!!

So yesterday I cleaned up some more of the flower bed. I plucked the weeds and then sprayed with my Weed-B-Gone. Hopefully it will keep them at bay as it is really unsightly. I still have small patch left to go but my knees hurt from being on the rough ground. Some of those darn dandelion weeds are as tall as I am in the backyard!! JINKIES, that's some big weeds!!

Thesis writing is coming along slowly but surely. I'm hoping for the end of July/early August defense. Tricia thinks it's getting close enough to go to committee...YAY! I'll keep you updated on that as it gets closer.

Still working on my scraproom/office. I'm hoping to finish up the small stuff today and post some pictures tomorrow. I just need to make my way through the junk on my desk and hang a couple of things. I'm also still waiting on the one final bookshelf from Office Depot.


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