Thursday, June 07, 2007

Safe and Sound

I wanted to let everyone know that I made it safe and sound to Knoxville. I've been out and about a bit but Knoxville is very confusing! I'm completely turned around here and can't seem to find my direction.

I've been trying to get unpacked but it is slow-going. I really need to get out and buy a couple of bookshelves for my office. I did buy two the other day but when I got them home and unpacked them I noticed that they were broken. Needless to say, back to the store they went! My car is happy though. I did clear out enough of the boxes 2 days ago to let her finally sleep in her room, the garage. Finally, a room of her own!!

Richard has been having a rough time in Wilmington and is leaving today to move here as well. It's a good thing I got a 3 bedroom!!

Many of you have been asking for pictures of my new house. Here's the problem: the docking station for my camera is still packed away in some random "office" box and I'm not sure which one. I haven't unpacked any of those boxes yet because I'm waiting for the bookshelves.

It's still early and I'm not motivated yet to start unpacking so I got online and did the thing. Doesn't my M&M look just like me? Notice the tiara, the hiking boots, and the coffee. Yep, I figure it's dead-on.

Will post more tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

i love your m and m and SHE does look JUST like you! :-)

can't wait to hear more....

love ya
Diane in Iowa

Anonymous said...

Glad you made it safe. Take care.