Friday, June 29, 2007

Scrapbook Area

**Note...if you click on the picture it will give you a larger version, if you need to see something in detail**

This is my new scrapbook area. I purchased the bookshelf from IKEA (the greatest store in the world, besides scrapbooking stores of course). The storage containers were purchased at Michaels. The larger storage containers (rows 1 & 3) hold things like my stamps, paints, embellishments, blank books, etc. Light blue tags (to match the paint color of the room) hang from each to tell me what is included in that storage container. The smaller containers (row 2) hold my papers. I have separated them out to cool and warm colors and patterned papers. Additionally, things such as kits and unfinished projects are included in those bins. The bottom 2 rows hold my scrapbooks (yes, I really do have 25 done with 2 in progress...Book of Me and 42 Things). On top are some of my cool my gymnastics trophy, SanBuenaventura Mission, 42 Things Lunchbox, etc. The roller-cart to the left holds my paper scraps and is divided by color.

This is located to the left of the bookshelf. I hung two towel rods and put 3 hanging buckets on them. I painted the buckets black and white to match the room. I've got my pens in one of the buckets and will add more later. Almost feels French, doesn't it? Also, two frames that I purchased in Wilmington now hold pictures of the boys and I.

That's just a quick look at my stuff. Now if I could only get my thesis done so that I can scrapbook again!!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome shelving and baskets. I love what you did with the buckets. Painting them black and white was inspired. And yes it does look very french country. I am so happy you have an inspiring place to create your scrapbook pages. Is it not wonderful? I will be in my scrap studio today creating to my hearts content. We are such scrapbook Divas!!!!! Deb