Monday, July 02, 2007


Everyone who is in love with the new song that Coleman is using for their commercials please raise their hand...
Yes, I am totally addicted to this song. I think it is FAB-U-LOUS!! It's done by a group out of San Diego called "The Stereotypes". Here is the url for their webpage: is a link from their website for the song:

And, last but not least, so you can sing along, here are the lyrics:


it's too hot in here, let's go outside
get a breath of fresh air, let's go outside
where i can kiss you on the lips
underneath the night-time sky
let's go outside

and i told you so

you may be surprised, but i know this is right
i'm recovering tonight, with you at my side
where i can hold you 'round the waist
underneath the night-time sky
and i told you so

cause, baby i know

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Roxanne said...

You are just not right. By the way, took the picture of your scrapbooking area and showed it to my therapist and said "See!!, this is what I am talking about!!!" : P