Saturday, August 11, 2007

Deep down inside she knew....

My friend Michelle must have felt the vibe...must have known deep down inside that I'm a bit stressed while finishing up this thesis stuff. I've been writing 6-10 hours a day. I know that seems like a lot but technical writing is very difficult for me. I like to embellish, tell a story, much like my scrapbooks. But, when writing for scientific journals you can't really say how "cute" the ophiuroids are. Thanks Michelle for my Happiness Fairy!!

I'm leaving in the morning for Wilmington. I'll be gone for over a week. Not sure if I'll get to post anything from Wilmington because I think it's going to be crazy as can be...(don't tell anyone but I haven't got my presentation put together yet...eek!)

Hmmmm....that Happiness Fairly looks like me this morning, complete with purple slippers....interesting....haha!!

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Anonymous said...

i love that fairy!!!! giggle.....and your comments, and you will be fabulous, will be thinking of you and sending good vibes your way.... sorry i/we missed your call - hope to talk to you soon (corey just giggled at your message!)
love ya