Thursday, December 06, 2007

Random thoughts...


Today was my geochemistry final. Although I'm sure I didn't do well on the exam, I think I did well enough to pass the class...especially as I have done all of the homework, all of the extra credit, and made a good mark on the first exam. Anyway...we'll see. Classes are now officially over for me for this semester...YAY!!

Isn't she adorable?

I went to Hobby Lobby this afternoon after my exam and saw this gorgeous girl sitting on a very high shelf begging to be brought home....and home she is. I think she is way, way too cute! Now, before you get any, I don't collect cows and I don't want to collect cows. She just made me smile!

My mother is an enabler!

Sunday morning I'm sitting around in my jammies working and my mom calls. She tells me the chairs I've been stalking are at Target on sale. So what did I do? You're darn right! I got dressed as quick as can be and flew to Target and bought myself two of these lovely chairs. I am so excited!! Getting the huge couch out of the living room into the garage was quite a feat but did manage to accomplish it even if I did say a few curse words along the way.


On Tuesday I'll be leaving Knoxville and heading back to Wilmington. On Saturday I will officially graduate with my Master's Degree in Geology!! Can you believe it?!?! It seems like ages ago when I started school and I never thought I'd be this far....but look at me now...working on my PhD! I'm looking forward to graduation. Richard will be there but William wasn't able to come into town. I'm selling him on ebay and listing him as "Bad Son"....haha (bidding starts at 99 cents). to eat my tortilla soup and not worry about homework I haven't done. Oh...and do a little scrapbooking baby!!!


Roxanne said...

Congrats and have a fantastic graduation.

Queen Casey said...

i have to say it...i love the cow. she is too cute.
you really need to give up the furniture stalking, though. someone is going to report you to nonhuman resources.
tell the folks back in NC that i said "hi"...and have yourself a merry little graduation. love you...more!

Anonymous said...

love the cow as well...giggle
congrats as well on graduation. we're so proud of you and remember the days when you just started, and wow what you've accomplished way to go! wish we could be there!
love you!
Corey and Diane