Saturday, January 12, 2008

Deck of Me Challenge

Not only am I doing the "Layout a Day" challenge but I am also now doing the "Deck of Me" challenge...because you know I have all the free time in the world..right?!?! I don't know...I think it's a way for me to stay motivated and explore my creative side. Don't get me wrong..I love science...LOVE LOVE science...but I am a creative person as well. describe the "Deck of Me" buy a deck of cards and you follow the prompts given out by the moderator of the group each week (Monday). You create a little work of art on that 3 1/2 x 2 1/2 canvas. How hard can that be??

52 cards+52 weeks a year=coincidence?? (there, I've used up all my math skills for today)

If you want to join it is never too late! This week (week 2) the prompt is to highlight a favorite quote that you like right now. With the GSA abstract deadline on Monday, this quote is my favorite at the moment. Please...feel the pain of trying to write 2,000 characters and have it make sense...


mbrshort40 said...

Hey woman! I love that you have kept this up! I can't believe you are doing 2 challenges!! I suck...but I will try the Deck of Me with ya! No promises and I will lag behind, then catch up each week! LOL!! Glad you sent it to me! Hope to catch up and see what you are doing!

Rene said...

YAY! Janet said she's going to play as well!!