Thursday, January 03, 2008

My mom taught me how to ride rollercoasters (well, not MY mom..just read on)!!

Today I got a message from my son telling me to go look at a new video he'd posted on his myspace page. It was great and I'll post it later for you. But while I was there I decided to look through his pictures and I ran across this one with the caption "My mom taught me how to ride rollercoasters!" Now...first off let me say that William is the guy on the right hand side of the picture wearing the white shirt with his hands WAY up in the air. And yes, that is EXACTLY how I taught my boys to ride rollercoasters...hands way up and screaming like a mad-person!

Back up 18 years....William is terrified of rollercoasters. So we're heading to Los Angeles (because we lived in San Diego) for a Garth Brooks concert. While we were there we decided to go to Six Flags Magic Mountain. Having once been a member of the roller coaster club, I wanted my boys to be able to enjoy coasters as much as I do. So, Richard is all for riding the coasters (he's always been a daredevil) but William is so upset because he's scared and doesn't want to go on the coaster. So I tell him that I've picked an easy one and that he can ride with me in the same car and I'll hold his hand while we ride it. He agrees (he's always been quite gullible). Anyway, so we're on Revolution at Magic Mountain and we get to the loop (yes, I said loop) and William looks at me terrified. You see, I'd lied to him and told him this was just an easy-peasy roller coaster with no big things in it. His eyes were as big as saucers and he was shaking! I told him "oops...I forgot there was a loop in this one"...and down the hill we went into the loop and back out. We pulled into the station, we got out of the cars (Richard yelling "YEA! YEA!!" repeatedly) and William looks at me....and said....LET'S GO AGAIN!!! By the end of the day both of my boys were sitting in the front seat of every roller coaster at Magic Mountain with their hands raised fully in the air the whole time. They've been roller coaster fans ever since.

It's things like that that, and this picture above, that make a Mom darn tootin' proud.....

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