Wednesday, March 12, 2008

12 on the 12th...

1. Flying Pterodactyl from school today
2. My favorite volcano (the kids did volcanoes at school today)
3. What I'm reading
4. Dinner (teriyaki chicken, brussel sprouts, pasta salad)
5. So beautiful here today I got to BBQ for dinner
6. Studying for stats exam tomorrow
7. Calendar page
8. Projects for spring break (which starts tomorrow at 5:00pm!!)
9. Dinosaur gift from one of my students
10. Weight Watchers diary for today
11. My favorite new thing!
12. This beautiful flower is growing in my flowerbed out front. The previous owners must have planted bulbs or something.

Next month I want to see YOUR 12 on the 12th!!

1 comment:

Susan... said...

great job Rene - really, really good job!

LOVE the idea of taking a pix of the calendar page. Might have to use that one next month!!!

way to go - "see" you next month!!!