Sunday, June 22, 2008

Long Live Nadia Comaneci!

Last night I was watching the US Olympic Gymnastic Team Trials and I was so disappointed in them. I wondered to myself why that was because I'd always loved gymnastics. In fact, I took gymnastics lessons growing up (I sucked though). Nadia Comaneci...goodness gracious but that girl did it all! She had style, grace, and knew how to entertain the crowds! The first perfect 10 in the Olympics and I was sitting there on the floor watching her...I was glued to the television and refused to step away for fear of missing her and/or Olga Korbet. From that point forward I vowed to be a gymnast, even creating routines in my backyard and on this small round throw rug in my Mom's living the song "Afternoon Delight" (now that I know what that song is about I cringe at the thought).

So back to the trials on television last night...the more I thought about my disappointment with what I was watching the more I realized why I felt so unfulfilled. The girls were robots. Simply put, ROBOTS. Where had all of the excitement gone? There was no more dancing, playing up with the audience, etc. during the floor exercise. Instead. they simply did their routine that was 100% technical and nothing else. Hey, it's great you can do 5 billion backflips and land on one toe but HEY, I want to see some interaction as well!

So, at the top of this blog I've got the original 1976 Nadia Comanechi video....enjoy not just her athleticism but also her abilty to entertain the crowds...and remember the good ole days when gymnastics was both FUN and SPORT!

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