Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Seriously, I am alive...

René and Honor Pookie

I'm sure you've been wondering where in the heck I am. Honestly, been wondering the same thing myself! Life has thrown me some crazy busy loops lately and there are no signs of stopping yet. I'm not sure why I've been so busy this summer though...but I have.

This morning I taught a 2 hour class on Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources for an Excellence in Teaching forum that is being given by UT. This class had 15 high school teachers from the area all learning how to do activities with their students. In addition to talking about the resources I gave them two labs to do. One involved using popsicle sticks to simulate deforestation. The other had them "mining" chocolate chip cookies for the precious "chocolate." It was fun and I'd love to be asked to do it again. I love community outreach!!

Tomorrow I'm heading out for 5 days in Cincinnati to work on some research. I'll be there with my advisor and looking at some really cool rocks/fossils. The day after I return I'll be attending a 5 day GK-12 Workshop that will eat up my time.

The photo in this post was taken by my good friend, Judy! She and her husband, Ernie, visited me for a day on their way back through Tennessee to Wilmington. We had a great time and got to visit Cade's Cove. Such nice people!!
Alright, must go pack...I might type from the road if time permits....

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