Tuesday, September 30, 2008

In Ms. Tillet's Class Today...

This picture (Colin Firth) was on my computer desktop...here is the brief conversation with one of the students....

Student: Ms. Lewis, whose picture is that on your computer
Me: That's my boyfriend!
Student: Ms. Lewis, he's cute!
Me: I know...*wink*

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mi Vida Loca...

Went to the balloon festival last night. It was okay but none of the balloons flew....umm....isn't that what they're supposed to do? I was confused. Had a burger and fries for dinner and met this really cool couple while sitting there. Like me, the husband is taking a photography class and we talked about how much fun it is and he told me about a website that offers local photography field trips....COOL! I checked out the website when I got home and there is one that is going to a haunted ghost town. I think I'm going to sign up. Also met a woman who does Temari balls AKA Japanese Thread Balls. I used to make these but mine were not so good because I was trying to learn from a book. Her's were exceptionally beautiful! She is going to offer a class...YAY!

Still to do on my list:
1. Shred
2. Read 3 1/2 papers
3. Complete 12x12 scrapbook page
4. Practice GSA talk
5. Decide on clothes for GSA

And I'm adding:
6. See Nights in Rodanthe
7. Laundry (ugh)

Finally, I'm sure you heard that Paul Newman died yesterday. My favorite role of is was the father in Message in a Bottle. I loved his brash, matter-of-fact attitude in that movie. He was a great presence on this earth and will be missed.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


1. Start "Week in the Life" documentation
2. Shred the pile of papers in the corner
3. Roll coins
4. Read 4 papers (100+ pages combined)
5. Dog park
6. Sweep up the extra dog worth of hair on the kitchen floor
7. Unload dishwasher
8. Complete September's 12 on the 12th scrapbook page
9. Practice GSA talk
10. Decide on clothes for GSA
11. Pellissippi balloon festival

What does your list look like? I'd love to see what an average day in your life looks like, too.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Two More Things...

Yep, two more things to cross off my bucket list...YAY! Here I am with my new camera, a Canon Digital Rebel. I've wanted one of these for a very long time. It was my birthday present to myself. The second item on my bucket list that I get to cross off is "Take a photography class". I started a Fundamentals of Photography class last week and am having a great time. The teacher is really good and I'm inspired to learn how to creatively and effectively use this camera. I'm hoping these two things, combined, will provide for some exceptional photographs from my Alaska trip next year.

I am going to participate in Ali Edward's "Week in the Life" challenge. I guess I'll have this awesome camera strapped to my hip for the next week. Should be interesting as I'm leaving next Friday for a week in Houston. I'll probably take it with me.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Back to the Gym...

Back to the gym today and did 30 minutes on this bad boy. The elliptical looks much easier than it is! But, my weight is blossoming and I need to get this under control. I'll be going M-F and doing 30 minutes each day. Thinking of Colin Firth as I exercise away makes it much easier. I would have chanted "Ravioli and a nap" like John Pinette but there were too many skinny people around...but I was thinking it!!! Also adding a walk around the neighborhood with Honor every night. She needs to burn off energy anyway.

Cutting back on food products, especially sweets. Bought some lunchmeat for sandwiches, salad items, carrots, and fruit to take on my lunches. Not going to change much for breakfast or dinner as I mostly snack when I'm working at school.

On another note...had a great time this past weekend at the Chattanooga Scrapbook Convention. Met a lot of nice people and got to work with my #1 FAVORITE company, The Button Farm. Seriously, buy everything this woman has...she's amazing!!

Off for the walk with Honor. I'll keep you updated on the progress. Think good thoughts!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Friday, September 12, 2008

Random Musings...

The picture above is from the movie "Nights in Rodanthe" starring Richard Gere and Diane Lane. I just finished reading the book by Nicholas Sparks...what a wonderful book! I cannot wait for the movie to come out on September 26th. I'll be going on opening day. I always enjoy NS books but I think this one really struck a chord as it was about adults, 54 & 41 years of age, in fact. I read it in 2 days which is very unusual for me because I have so much other reading to do. Very much enjoyed it...highly recommend reading it.

Went to a workshop today on how to be an effective teacher by understanding the 4 different learning styles. Learned a lot! One of the main things we did was take the test to see what type of learner we are. I am an "Accommodater" meaning that my strength lies in doing things, in carrying out plans and experiments and becoming involved in new experiences. I prefer hands-on activities and field trips. It's a "management" type of learning style. A famous example of said style would be Donald Trump. I don't think I'm like DT because I feel he's cold and calculating. One of the criteria for this style is that you like people and use feelings in your decision process. Seriously, do you think DT fits that profile?

Came off the freeway today on my way home and thought something must be wrong with the gas station signs....$4.49 a gallon. Um....I put in $40 last night at 9pm at $3.69 a gallon...must be a mistake....and drove on. Next station, same thing....next station, same thing.....gas raised 80 cents overnight!! Apparently Knoxville is running out of gas and not sure when more deliveries will be coming due to the hurricanes. I guess Honor won't be going to the dog park this weekend as that's just outrageous and they are predicting >$5 a gallon within the next day or two. Lovely....

I think I'm going to scrapbook this weekend to escape reality....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pee Your Pants Kinda Laughing

Seriously, this is me at the gym!!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

2 Outta 3 Ain't Bad, Baby!

I entered 3 items into the Tennessee Valley Fair to see if I could win a blue ribbon...one of the things on my "43 things" (AKA Bucket) list. Low and behold but I won 2 blue ribbons!!!! At the scrapbooking booth I found out that the judges liked my Book of Me so much that many of them ran home and/or got their husbands to bring down their cameras to take pictures of said book. I'm flattered...how cool is that!! Here's a picture of the book with the blue ribbon.

Here is a picture of the Christmas ornament that I made that won the blue ribbon as well. This ornament has Swarovski crystals on it for added sparkle...

I wandered the fair, ate the required corn dog and funnel cake ($5 now for some fried dough...jinkies!!!) and then plopped my hiney down on row 12 to see these guys....

Yep, yep, yep...my beloved Village People!! This picture is near the end of the concert when they sang "In the Navy." Now, for those that don't know, when I was trying to get into shape to join the Navy myself I listened to this song over and over and over and over again until I thought my grandparents were going to have a nervous breakdown over it. I must have played that song 5 bajillion times (right, Goody?) Anyway, it was great to see them in concert last night. Three of the members are original (construction worker, policeman, army guy). I honestly didn't recognize David Hodo, the construction worker, as he has gotten so skinny...I mean scary skinny. I thought for sure he was a new guy. But when they introduced the members they said "David Hodo"...my jaw dropped. Had a great time....sang until my throat hurt....did the YMCA with more gusto than most in the crowd....and won two, count them T-W-O blue ribbons. Now that's one hell of a day!!!