Friday, September 26, 2008

Two More Things...

Yep, two more things to cross off my bucket list...YAY! Here I am with my new camera, a Canon Digital Rebel. I've wanted one of these for a very long time. It was my birthday present to myself. The second item on my bucket list that I get to cross off is "Take a photography class". I started a Fundamentals of Photography class last week and am having a great time. The teacher is really good and I'm inspired to learn how to creatively and effectively use this camera. I'm hoping these two things, combined, will provide for some exceptional photographs from my Alaska trip next year.

I am going to participate in Ali Edward's "Week in the Life" challenge. I guess I'll have this awesome camera strapped to my hip for the next week. Should be interesting as I'm leaving next Friday for a week in Houston. I'll probably take it with me.

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Steven said...

OOO fancy.