Wednesday, October 08, 2008


It's been a very fruitful week at the GSA convention in Houston. I have given my very first talk at this meeting and I must say that it went exceptionally well. I am so pleased and I truly believe that Colin (my advisor) is pleased as well. That makes me a very happy girl. My poster, yesterday afternoon, also went smashingly well. Many people visited and asked for my card so that they could get a copy of the file to use the project outline/questions in their work. I am humbled by the response I've gotten.

I have met some very, very important people in my field. I finally met Bertrand Lefebvre. I am certain I have not mentioned this before today (so now you're in on the secret) but he has asked me to write a chapter in an upcoming book/memoir on the biogeography of Ordovician edrioasteroids (the stuff I work on). Seriously, how amazing is it that I (yes, little ole me) am writing a chapter in a forthcoming book?!?! The book chapter will reflect the talk that I gave two days ago. This research will also culminate in my first paper AKA the first chapter (of three) in my dissertation. Life, for me, is good...

I have also been asked to be a committee member for a scholarship that I won a couple of years ago. That will be great fun. Lastly, I've been asked to help coordinate technical sessions for the GSA meeting being held in Tampa in March.

I had a wonderful lunch with Tricia (my advisor from UNCW) and Christy (a PhD student from UNCW that I adore) the other day. It is so good to catch up with colleagues and see how life is progressing. Have I mentioned how truly lucky I am to have such amazing friends???

Today I am volunteering to recoup the $90 for the conference registration. I am working in the speaker ready room helping others upload their talks. It is quite fun and you should see the "graveyard of thumb drives" that rests in front of my computer. It cracks me up.

Leaving for home tomorrow afternoon. Will miss the free breakfast, chips and salsa at 5:30, and milk & cookies at 8pm at the hotel. But, it will be nice to get home. Resting on Friday...walking for Race for the Cure on Saturday. Back to school on Monday.


Roxanne said...

Ordovician edrioasteroids?!?!?!!? Sounds like that Dr that used to help people kill themselves and crap floating in space. OK, so I just googled those mysterious words and I still have no clue. Are these the rocks you have to lick?

Anonymous said...

I am so thinking the same as Roxanne and giggling at her comments as well!

by the way though even though I have no idea what Ordovician edrioasteroids are .... I am so very proud of you!

Roxanne said...

Yes, we are so very proud of you but I still am not calling you Dr. unless you are going to start prescribing me medication instead of licking rocks.

Ordovician you use Preperation H for those?
Ha!Ha! I kill me!
Your favorite,

Anonymous said...

again I agree with Roxanne! meds, before licking rocks! unless the rocks are coated with something... lol

Rene said...

You guys are JUST NOT RIGHT!!!

Anonymous said...

Odovician Edrioasteroids...reminds me of the time I went to your Master's defense, when I understood.."the, a, and.." Congrats on the recognition; you deserve it!