Wednesday, November 19, 2008


What a busy drama day and it's only 10:00am! So first, I watched the Real Housewives of Atlanta last night. I've followed them this whole season. Next week is going to be blow-out funny as heck! I hear a restraining order has been issued after the incidents from next week's episode. Anyway, after perusing the blogs this morning I decided to take the quiz to see which housewife you are and I am so happy to report that I am NeNe. She's my favorite person on the show with DeShawn in second. If you haven't watched this show before you simply must catch it. It's crazy!

So yesterday I got one of the bore tools stuck in the oak tree I was coring with the kids. I swear, if you could see the emails that are flying about this! I'm being told that it simply MUST get out of the tree because it's expensive (duh..even if it wasn't expensive I don't want to leave the thing in the tree) asking if I've tried this and that (short of standing on my head I've tried everything I can think of) and getting warnings about how to pull it out correctly (look, I just want it OUT and I didn't have problems the other 3 times I did it). There's absolutely no mention of how much the kids liked this lab or anything else. Seriously people, it's a BORER! I realize they are a couple of hundred dollars...I want it out TOO! Insane...simply insane.

I think the worst part of this issue is that now I feel constrained somehow. I feel like I've lost some gusto in working with the kids and I'm worried that something will happen and I'll be criticized. That's sad. These kids had a blast! We nearly froze to death outside (because it was like 20 degrees with wind chill) but each one of these kids took a turn on that borer and were so excited to turn it. Isn't that what this program is for?

I'm off to do homework now. I need to remove myself from the drama of it all.

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Roxanne said...

Don't let it get to you. I am sure the kids had a blast and those little hiccups will make it even more memorable. Don't sweat it...this is what life is all about.