Monday, January 19, 2009

Light Dusting of Snow...

Woke up this morning to a light dusting of snow. It is 8:48am as I type this and it is snowing lightly outside. The news says that it will increase in intensity around 1pm. I love snow - as long as I can view it from inside my nice, warm house!

Planning on going out briefly today. Here's my "to-do" list:

1. Run to Hobby Lobby to get knobs that are on sale. Honor has consumed 5 of the 10 on my dresser.

2. Go through stack of magazines and cut out the stuff I want to save and get rid of the rest.

3. Work on passport stuff for the boys.

4. Fix my GK-12 earthquake powerpoint presentation.

5. Read a little bit for my Evolution class.

6. Re-start forgotten cross stitch (this was added to my bucket list in 2008...I add one thing every year).

I had to buy new reading glasses to be able to see the holes in the cross stitch. I haven't cross stitched for at least 10 years now. I have two projects I want to finish. The first was a pattern by Paula Vaughn. What drew me to this pattern to begin with is that there is a Gramma's Fan quilt on the front. This is my favorite quilt pattern. I have finished the basket and pot of flowers. All that is left to do is the quilt and back stitching.

About 20 years ago my Mom gave me a set of linen placemats and napkins that I started to cross stitch small patterns on. I have one set finished so I need to finish the other 3 place settings.

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