Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Best $45 I Spend a Month...

I love to cook. I admit it. It is relaxing for me. I love trying new recipes, some of which I love and will make a million times again, and some that I just toss down the drain after a taste or two. One of my favorite things to do is take cooking classes. It was on my "to-do" list last year and I am so happy to have had the opportunity to take one class a month now.

A couple of months ago I suggested to one of the cooking instructors (Terri Geisler) that I would love to take a class on tamale making. I miss a good California tamale! They just don't make them the same in Knoxville. I was so excited when Terri put together this class and 17 people signed up to take it! We made 3 types of tamales including a dessert tamale with apples, ice cream, and caramel sauce. Below is a picture from this class.

I learned a lot about the texture of the masa and how to put the tamale together. I am going to try making some this weekend using my friend Debbie's recipe for shredded beef. But, to just make you salivate a little, the picture below is of the beef tamales we made...and they were delicious!!

My next cooking class is next month and it is about Mediterranean cooking. The class description says:
The menu for this truly Spanish meal will create an eclectic & extraordinarily savory experience beginning with Chorizo in Red Wine, next is savory Shrimp with Garlic, then an extraordinary Spanish Paella, and for dessert, Galician Almond Torte.
I'm ready!!

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Roxanne said...

I so envy you. I want to take some cooking classes so bad but can't find anywhere within an hours drive that I can take them. I want one with a hands on experience. I hope I can come and visit you some time and go to a class with you. You are always able to find the coolest things whereever you live. If you were the only person on an island, you would find a scrapbooking store with classes, the coolest concerts, etc.