Saturday, February 14, 2009

Catching Up...

This is grant writing season in geology. With that comes writing proposal after proposal to submit to different agencies to see if they will help fund your project. This past week I've written several. The good thing is that your project doesn't really change so you can reuse some of what you've just have to figure out how to write it in a different way. But then you also have to focus on what agency you are submitting the grant for. For instance, if I am submitting to the Paleo Society I can focus on my critters. If I am focusing on SEPM (sedimentary rock guys) then I have to write about the rocks and how confusing they are. It's a dance but one that I happy participate in....especially if they give me money! I have another grant due in a little over a week but I've decided to take this weekend off. It is, after all, Valentines Day!

I am my own Valentine this year so I am going to treat myself right and do things that I enjoy. So I am scrapbooking today (I also scrapbooked last night and made the cutest little mini-book and pair of earrings for a friend). Today I am working on a mini-book filled with pictures from the Christmas photography session with the boys. My goodness...aren't they handsome young men!

While I am scrapbooking I am going to watch the last two episodes of ER that I have missed. Then I hope to watch some of the season of Grey's Anatomy...I have missed the whole season as it comes at the same time as The Office and we all know I don't miss The Office!

I am going to go out in a little while and buy myself some roses, a few things to make myself a special dinner, and quite possibly some chocolate.

Happy Valentines Day!!


Anonymous said...

they are handsome boys!
sounds like an awesome weekend for you - treating yourself, sometimes i think we (ME) needs to remember to take better care of ourselves and "treat" ourselves, or make sure we take time to remember ourselves and if that means scrapbooking, roses and definitely some chocolate, what a great Valentines Day for you! thanks for being my friend, and reminding me to take time for myself - i'm not good at that!
please let me know what you make/made for dinner!
love you lots

roxanne said...

Rene, sounds like a wonderful Valentine's Day. I have a migration this weekend so that means I am working 40 hours straight. I finally finished the Disney trip in August and I think it came out ok. This is the one I started at our retreat. Have a great weekend and good luck with grant proposals.