Friday, February 20, 2009


Why don't businesses keep their websites updated? Especially small businesses. Let me tell you what I mean. There are two business websites that I have been watching lately. One is for travel. This website offers local tours and one of the tours is to see the King Tut and Clay Soldier exhibits that are currently in Atlanta. This website hasn't been updated since 2008. I have emailed the company and they said "the website will be updated when the new paper list of tours goes out on February 6th." today is February 20th and the site hasn't been updated NOR have the paper copies of the new tours gone out. My beef is that you know you have clients interested in going so why not update the site?? It's true, Atlanta is only about 4 hours away. Sure, I could drive it myself and go see these two exhibits, but sometimes it's nice to just kick back and let someone else do the driving...especially since I am single and am ALWAYS the driver!

Site two....I have wanted to take beading classes for a little while now. So I visit the bead store website and the January classes are listed. I email the shop owner and she tells me to call and speak to someone at the store who will read the list off to me of classes. Apparently she has been out of town and hasn't had time to update the class list. Okay, gotcha...called about February classes but none fit my schedule. Now it's the end of February and I want to find out the March schedule and STILL no update since January.

In the tough economic times that we are having, wouldn't you think that a small business would do everything in it's power to get the word out to consumers who are obviously interested in taking your classes or purchasing whatever product you might have?
I'm just sayin.....

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