Monday, March 30, 2009

Home from Cincinnati

Stress-Ball-Bob and I had a great time at the Cincinnati Museum. We were there over the weekend working on my research. Bob didn't do much work. Instead, he insisted on looking around the collections and having his picture taken with all of the cool stuff that is hidden in the back of a Natural History Museum. I, on the other hand, slaved away on my research.

We also had the opportunity to attend one of the Cincinnati Dry Dredgers meetings. This is an interesting group of amateur fossil collectors that are real diehards. They are the same group of folks that found the slab of edrioasteroids that I am using for my Ph.D. research. I owe them a lot!! I am hoping to go back next spring and give a talk to the group about my research. Truly interesting people, and I mean that in a really good way! They were awesome!!

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Roxanne (aka president of SBB fan club!) said...

OMG!!! Stress Ball Bob is back....I thought you had lost him ziplining or trapsing through a scrapbook convention!!!

Welcome back Stres Ball Bob!!!