Friday, March 06, 2009

Happy Happy Joy Joy!!

Today the work on my new kitchen floor begins!! I am beyond excited!! It will take the handyman 3 days to complete so I'll have to eat out for the next 3 days because the kitchen will be torn up, stove unplugged, etc. Woe is me *giggle...snort*

Working at home this weekend. Have a list a mile long to work on. Some creating time, too! Temperatures are supposed to be in high 70's this weekend. How much more wonderful could it get?!?!


Roxanne (the favorite) said...

what are you having done? I am getting my bucket listing updated that you made for me because some of the croppers have asked to see it at the March crop. Man! I never realized how many things I want to do

Rene said...

I am having the linoleum torn up and having ceramic tile put down. It is going to look lovely when it is done!

I will also be working on some charms this weekend and some scrapbook pages. I loved the bucket-list tin. It's amazing how many things one really wants to do once you start writing it down, isn't it?

I won't be there for the crop but will be there a couple of days after. That is spring break week and I have to head to Wilmington in the middle of it to attend a conference.