Monday, April 27, 2009


Haven't been around much the past two weeks. I've been working on getting done with classes and working on my PhD proposal. I got it back about 2 weeks ago with suggestions for edits and it has been consuming my time. I'm hoping to get it back to my advisor today because I am very close to being finished with the edits. Plus, because classes are done I will have all day to work. I'll get it to him Wednesday at the latest. I worked all weekennd on it as well.

My horoscope today is very promising and hope it is an indication that all will wrap-up today.

"To make up one's own mind is never an easy task. For you, dear Virgo, it is particularly difficult. Today, something in the air will enable you to unify your thoughts. You will be able to make decisions fairly easily. But if you can't make up your mind on a certain subject, feel free to think a bit longer before you decide. There is no need to rush into anything."

Don't you agree?

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