Sunday, May 31, 2009


Made it home safe and sound from CKU-Nashville. Oh my - what a FAB-U-LOUS time I had!! I am hooked and can't wait to go back to the next one. Here are a few pictures that chronicle my adventures....

My first class of the day was with Margie Romney-Anslett. What a fun, fun lady! She has a great attitude and knows how to have a good time! She's starting a new kit club as well. You can check it out HERE.

Sweet, adorable Elizabeth Kartchner. She was chosen as the 2007 Scrapbooker of the Year by Creating Keepsakes Magazine. She is such a lovely person. I would love to be her friend. Her spirit and view on the world around her is simply wonderful. We all need women like this in our life. And Lizzy, if you're looking, you are amazing and I'm so happy to be your favorite scrapbooker *smile*.

Tim Holtz. What more can I say. He's an icon in the industry and I know that my meeting him has made my friend Janet so green with envy. The projects we made in his class will be treasures for me. I will take pictures and share then with you. Nice, nice man that really knows how to keep a class on track.

Teresa Collins. Look up the term "girly-girl" and there is a picture of her. What a pleasure to have met her. I would love to have her style. She cried during our class when she spoke of losing her mother 7 years ago. Immediately I thought "this woman is a romantic tender-heart." She was lovely. I am coveting her big diamond bobble bracelet. I need to find one...seriously!

In my costume for the dorm contest. We were the Scrap Chicks Supremo. Three dorms were chosen to perform and we were one of them.

The Scrap Chicks Supremo - Nancy, Me, Katy, Kara, Kimberly, and Janelle. These ladies are absolutely amazing and made my trip unforgettable!!

Here we are performing on-stage during the Pep-Rally. We sang Scrappin Queen to the tune of Dancing Queen. Margie and Teresa posted pictures of us on their blogs!

Another performance picture.

Margie and Kimberly. I post this picture because Kimberly paid $400 for this apron that she is wearing. The money went to Breast Cancer research. I absolutely LOVE her!

Lastly, another picture of the Scrap Chicks Supremo on our last night after graduation.
Attending CKU was one of the items on my bucket one gets crossed off today!

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elizabeth said...

yes, you are my favorite!!


it was so fun to meet you renee! really though you are a doll and i will never forget your dorm room song and dance!!


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